41 thoughts on “Overwatch League Stage 3 Finals (Dragons vs Shock) Review”

  1. Even if this isn't the 0-40 team, before this playoff this team was easily described as mediocre. Shanghai missed both of the first two stage playoffs and barely squeaked into this one. Their track record against the better half of the teams in the league show they still weren't on the same level as the elite teams. Yet they put down the 3 best teams in the world….. nothing suspicious there.

  2. It almost look like it that if DPS players get to play DPS hero’s they dan pop off and pull of those kinds of plays and runs

  3. i constantly say "this is the best game/match ive seen" when watching owl this actually was the best match ive ever watched

  4. Just wondering-
    I see a lot of people say that Dding is the best Pharah in the league, and while he’s certainly at the top, are others like Jinmu and SDB not as good as Dding? I haven’t seen a whole lot of Dding or Jinmu but I know both are considered to be top-tier Pharah’s, and SDB seems to be like the Linkzr Widowmaker of Pharah: he might not be the best overall, but he’s the best at winning mid-air duels.

  5. I’m a huge Shock fan, but once they started getting the comeback, first 3-1, then 3-2, then finally 3-3, I started getting worried. I wanted Shock to win, but deep down I felt that the Dragons deserved this win and also needed it. Amazing job by Shanghai, this is really some irl anime redemption stories.

  6. We shall pray the shamans of the overwatch chengdu and dragons and sometimes charge, outlaws and gladiators that they win going against goats and the true challengers of meta.

  7. Will you be doing a video on the news homestands for 2020 before stage 4 or after it has started. Also will you be at the LA Valient homestand?

  8. William Schultz

    So amazing and intense of a game that I had to reach for the anti anxiety meds after 3 months of being off them 😂😂😂

  9. Entire OWL community: Diem is the best Widow and dding is the best Pharah.

    Me (A desperate Fusion Fan): EQO and Carpe if they had a real main tank

  10. I express how much I dislike the shock, but I actually wanted them to win this time
    I really would've wanted to see seoul win a stage playoff

  11. Also, for Luffy, if Shanghai had lost this, this would have been the THIRD time he would be denied first place.
    1) Kongdoo Panthera vs Lunatic-Hai, Apex S3 Grand Finals (3-4)
    2) Kongdoo Panthera vs Runaway, OW Contenders Korea (3-4)
    But Shanghai did fantastic and Luffy and former KDP members got their moment to finally get the first place title they've been working towards for so long. :"D
    What an awesome stage finals and redemption story!

  12. Diamonds_Realm Gaming

    I decided to try to come up with meme names for the teams shanghai beat in the playoffs
    the Nychokesl
    the Vancouver c9tans
    and the San francisthrow shock

  13. i think it says a lot about the shock that they’ve played nothing but goats for 3 stages and they can just switch dps comps and take the best dps team to a map 7

  14. Oi shout out to my niggas mum and dad for rasing such an articulate youth. Shout out his dog for barking mid-night and keeping murderers away. Props to his school n that too.

  15. If you told anyone before season 2 that out of the stage playoffs, london and new york would not even the to the finals at all, probably no one would've believed you

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