NEW 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 15" – In-Depth Review & Testing / Watch This Before You Buy!

Here it is! The NEW 2019 MacBook Pro that was recently refreshed only a couple of days ago. While this isn’t a new redesign like everyone was expecting, it packs a huge punch with its new internals. It seems the i9 overheating issue has been corrected and down throttling isn’t an issue anymore. Either way, this review goes in depth with testing including to see if the upgrade is worth it. Stay tuned and as always, thank you for watching!

Also, shoutout to my great friend Eduardo who just graduated from high school for helping me film some of these shots. Follow him on Instagram!

Eduardo’s IG: eduardobautista83

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41 thoughts on “NEW 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 15" – In-Depth Review & Testing / Watch This Before You Buy!”

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  2. Hello Sir,

    I am planing to purchase Macbook pro i9 package 2019, Is it risky to purchase it? Because i heard about keyboard failure and heating problem? Kindly Suggest Please, I am graphic designer and i really need to purchase an high end Macbook pro. Right now Using Windows laptop and really fed up from windows. kindly Suggest Thanks

  3. What folks seem to misunderstand is that just because the macbook can export video fast does not necessarily mean that it has great performance.
    What about the realtime performance instead of CPU performance?
    Almost everyone doing review of these systems mainly offer the review based on the video editor's perspective. What about the people who use the macbook for Music creation and music mixing.
    We could care less about how fast it can export a video. We care about how many plugins can we run and are there any memory leaks. With video editing, you make an edit then preview. You make a new edit or some changes, then preview. Music creation however and music mixing is all real time. We add eqs ,compression , change it and place it back ,choose other plugins or even make edits all on the fly and in real time. There are more pro users out here than just photo editors and video editors.
    The 2013 Mac Pro was frowned upon for having allegedly low performance but no this is not complete true.
    It had low performance for folks doing video editing but for audio post,music creation and mixing, the system was incredible.
    There is one and sadly only one video of this Mac Pro 2013 machine shown running logic ( the most resource hungry daw )and it ran it flawlessly.
    The man worked hard to make it struggle. Yeah after like over 100 tracks with instances of Kontakt loaded then yeah it started to slow down but not once was there seen any CPU flags that usually come from logic when you run out of resources.
    I just wish there where more reviews for NON video/ photo editors so that we audio folks can also have some information pertaining to what's good and what's not. I had in the past rejected the idea of the MacPro 2013. However not any more. Thus the MacPro 2013 will be my next purchase.
    The one thing that no matter how great Apple laptops are now days, there will always be the inevitable need for battery replacement. This sucks
    This particular macbook is great however I would never see it much as it would sit under my desk and be used like a desktop.
    So I just decided to get a desktop machine instead.
    I don't know why Apple seems to not be able to just build laptops that don't have continuous issues related to graphics. I have noticed that the laptops that don't have dedicated GPUs tend to be immune from the graphics chip failures or issues. I could be wrong though.

  4. Ridiculous configuration for 2800$😅😅😅😅 WTF Apple's really seek, you should to be the stupidest human in the Earth to buy it for this price

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