MEDITATION for PREGNANCY ANXIETY | Meditation During Labor | Hypnobirthing Guided Meditation

YOU DESERVE A FEAR FREE BIRTH! Your body is meant to grow life and birth life, Mama, but sometimes the brain tells you differently causing fear and uncertainty. But you want fear free childbirth, right? This 10 minute meditation is full of hypnobirthing affirmations. What is hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing simply uses positive affirmations for birth to bring you do a deep state of relaxation using your meditation to clear the mind of fear and uncertainty. Meditation for pregnancy anxiety and meditation during labor can truly help you relieve tension and take one step closer to a beautiful, positive, fear free birth!

Many Mamas wonder about how to give birth naturally and this natural birth meditation will help you do just that through encouraging you as you’re coping with labor pain using your hypnobirthing techniques. Using this hypnobirthing guided meditation along with yoga during pregnancy will help you even more as you’re navigating how to avoid stress during pregnancy. There’s no need to be scared about birth, Mama! This easy 10 minute meditation will bring you one step closer to having your dream birth!

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All information provided in this video should never replace the advice of your doctor. Always direct questions to your care provider regarding your specific situation.

I am a birth doula in the San Francisco Bay Area! For more information and resources, come find me at


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