Macbook Pro 2019 Review!

Welcome back to our new channel, Techvy! Today we’ll be providing you with a review of the Macbook Pro 2019. With its brand new product, Apple has successfully managed to compress its laptops to feature an incredibly powerful SSD, stellar graphics, and its desktop-like capacities in running editing programs.

This laptop continues to practice Apple’s sleek, minimal design. However, with its increased processing power, you’ll find a laptop that’s actually capable of running video editing softwares and navigating multiple data points, especially if you’re trying to deal with a lot of photos. In this review, we’ll discuss all of these features and more!

0:00-1:09 Welcome back to the channel!
1:10-3:19 13 Inch and 15 Inch basic comparison.
3:20-4:20 Touch Bar, Touch ID and Editing
3:21-5:15 SSD Drives and Editing (13 vs 15 inch)
5:16-5:59 GPU: Desktop Quality Graphics?!
6:00-7:13 Design (Extended minimalism)
7:14-7:52 Apple discounts for students!
7:53-8:52 Conclusion


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