MacBook Air (2019) Review — An Updated Legacy

The MacBook Air has big shoes to fill, not only as the Air and Apple’s most affordable laptop, but as the replacement to the ill-fated 12-inch Retina MacBook. How does it stand up?

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22 thoughts on “MacBook Air (2019) Review — An Updated Legacy”

  1. Help. I just received my ‘13 air a week ago and all of a sudden my usb c charger won’t charge it anymore. The outlets aren’t the problem because other things such as lamps work just fine with the outlets. I don’t know how to fix it

  2. Guys, I'm a college student and  I'm planning on buying a Macbook but I don't know which one. I'm between the Macbook Air, and the base Pro. I'm a not a video editor or photo editor or any media related but I just want my computer to last me for years and I don't know if getting the Air with extra RAM memory or the Pro that has more horsepower. I want a reliable machine that can last me for 4-6 years. What do you recemmend me?

  3. I’m planning to get this Mac Air ‘19 but which storage should I go for, 128 or 256? Using for university – assignments and browsing.

  4. They should just put a quad core i3 if they don’t want it to drain that much battery because an i3 is more powerful than the current chip

  5. 10 Very Intelligent Levels

    Cinebench test on an Air???? LOL. Why? It's a workstation benchmark. Stop using it on super thin laptops.

  6. I bought the 2018 version. Two weeks later the 2019 model came up. I’m missing TrueTone. However I’m not a video editor or photographer. So, the power is good to go.

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