Is the Cheapest MacBook Pro the best MacBook Pro? 2019 13" MacBook Pro Review

In today’s video let’s take a look at the just-released brand new 2019 13 inch MacBook Pro with 2 thunderbolt 3 ports. This brand new quad core MacBook Pro brings the Touch Bar and quad core i5 and i7 processors to the base model 13 inch MacBook Pro, and the performance gains are huge. Today we’re going to talk about it, run benchmarks, and find out is the 2019 13 inch MacBook Pro worth it?

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45 thoughts on “Is the Cheapest MacBook Pro the best MacBook Pro? 2019 13" MacBook Pro Review”

  1. Ok here's a lil update on the performance and thermals: The 1.4ghz base clock is very interesting, because as soon as the CPU goes under load (in this case Cinebench) it turbos all the way up to 2.9ghz. Thats a 1.5ghz all core boost, very impressive. The temps (as with any Apple device smh) get up into the 90C range pretty quick and then the fan kicks in. By running the fan at full speed manually we can keep it in the 80s most of the time and run a 2.9/3.0 turbo speed. Scores improve about 2.5%. By the way the fan is 7200RPM, which is nuts, if only the iMac had hard drives that spun that fast 😉

  2. Do you think it would be a great deal to upgrade my late 2013 15” MacBook Pro for this with an upgrade on the ram to 16gb?

  3. My VERY first Apple product ever. I just got the 2019 pro 13 'upgraded' one w/ 2.4 GHz, 256mg, & 4 thndrblt ports on a significant sale woot! How much faster is it than the entry level 1.4 ???

  4. It's a stupid product.. it's internal led screen is fucking fragile and costed me around 1000$ to fix.. then hard drive got corrupted and already asked to replace fucking butterfly keyboard two times because of sticky keys and faulty keyboard.. when hard drive got corrupted somehow then again it costed around 1000$ to replace whole fucking motherboard.. stupid stupid stupid product ever.. quitting apple.. fuck this shit..

  5. Hi Luke, is easy to upgrade / change the SSD disk of this laptop? what's your recommendation? buy the entry level and buy a new SSD and replace it? thank you

  6. RedWolf Photography

    I hate these are 128GB SSD, however I got one and I am using an external 4TB USB-c HDD for work at home, and a 2TB external SSD to work on the go, has worked fantastic, using it for photo edit and video. No issues at all, really good value indeed.

  7. Very informative video, been watching your videos as you upload a lot! I would like to see you test 4K video editing on this entry level 2019 macbook pro 13 inch. Also, can you compare it between 3 NLEs, premiere; da vinci resolve; and FCPx . APPRECIATE IT MANNN

  8. 2 tb is not enough if you want to use it with external display without active hub or expensive LG 5K display . One for USB3 to HDMI another for Charging , that’s Zero Left for any kind of IO!

  9. I just got mine today with the free beats for $1199. I picked up a 500gb Samsung T5 on sale for $90 and a hyperdrive usb-c hub on sale. All for less $1400. Loving this set up and it will do everything I need.

    Got it based a part due tot his video because I kept thinking I needed the upgraded one.

  10. 128gb ssd is pretty shit for how. Much it is, gra yeditsfast but 256gb should be minimum, what gets me is the fact its 2166 ddr3 ram when the new mac book airs come with ddr4 and they were released the before this…. So to me it feels substandard to use ddr3 ram still in 2019

  11. Great info I’m definitely inspired to purchase this machine. I love the way you just toss the stuffings out during the unboxing not like other YouTubers who try to be all neat lol. Great Video I’ll sub

  12. mac make money for shareholders, this is a bad news , 128 gb ssd a beggar object, out there there is not a free market , no real competition , if so Mac will do a new kind of machine

  13. If Microsoft add thunderbolt 3 on Surface Pro 7, sell these with included keyboard and 8gb ram and 256GB storage, for about same price, there will be no use to get an apple laptop with 128gb in 2020

  14. Hi! I am really puzzled now, choosing from all the upgrades. As a graphic designer, I decided to take a 2,4 i5 + 655 graphic processor, 16GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. Is that enough? Or is something unnecessary? I need to save as much, yet buy a MacBook that will cover all the needs.

    I mostly work with an opened browser and running MS Office/iWork, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign.
    As of now, my 2013’s 13” MacBook Pro has bigger 1tb ssd (40% full) and an i7, but 8gb ram and lags hard when I have many tabs open in Google Chrome or when I open/save in/close Adobe products. That worries me.

  15. My main problem here is that my phone actually has 128 GB and 8 GB ram 😭😭 How will I survive that if I'll use my macbook on a everyday basis lol… even if I go to 256 gb, my current computer (from 4 or 5 years ago) has 400 gb and that isn't enough because I've transferred everything to my hard drive

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