Face massage. Raynor massage. Brandon massaging Becca in London Advanced Raynor Massage Course.

This was a great treatment where Becca let go of a lot of old emotions and worked really well with me to produce a profound transformation.
Part One.

She later wrote this in the comments section.

“Hi there – I am Becca, the student in these videos. I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts about the treatment. Firstly, I wanted to share that this was one of the most profound and cleansing experiences I have ever had. I felt like Brandon went right to the source of my emotional pain and washed it out breath by breath. To clarify, I was never “in pain” – he always worked within my limits and I was the one asking and allowing deeper and deeper work to be done. The after effect of the treatment was this serene feeling of “lightness.” In my life, the most profound experiences have been the most challenging ones. I truly believe that in order to overcome, we must face. I am also working as a therapist in the Raynor approach and clients keep coming back because they live the proof. Each session they process more and let go of more. So thank you Brandon! Very appreciative. Cheers!”

Raynor massage is an advanced form of massage therapy designed to get to the deep seated roots of muscle tension and completely free the body of all residual muscular and joint tension.

Raynor massage combines aspects of deep tissue massage, reflexology, therapeutic massage, remedial massage, shiatsu, Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massage, manipulations and adjustments, Swedish massage, yoga, deep breathing and a lot of our own original techniques and philosophies. More information about Raynor massage can be found here. www. Raynormassage.com
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