Dell XPS 13 (2019) Review: Ultraportable perfection

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Dell’s new XPS 13 corrects the issues we had with last year’s model, which was already nearly a perfect lightweight laptop.

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25 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (2019) Review: Ultraportable perfection”

  1. My new XPS 15 has been shipped to the Dell Repair facility once again. I have NEVER been able to use the Dell XPS 15 for work due to the setup, diagnosis, trouble shooting, time lost while in transit to Dell, time lost while being repaired by Dell.

    Dell has not delivered an XPS 15 to me as advertised and purchase on the Dell online store in March 2019. Currently, my XPS 15 is missing these key advertised features:

    1. Fingerprint Scanner

    2. CPU Cooling Fan

    3. Functioning Security Login (PIN/Password/Fingerprint Options)

    4. SD Card Reader Functionality.

    Dell has not delivered Warranty Services as advertised and purchased in March 2019.

    Dell has been give 6 months to provide warranty services.

    I have personally spent over 50 hours baby sitting Dell support teams to diagnose/repair the system.

    My personal billing rate is $175/hour of which Dell has made no effort to provide reasonable compensation.

    The system has never been serviced properly even though it has been shipped to the Dell repair center two times.

    The system has been diagnosed by Dell with a failed SD Card Reader, a failed motherboard and a failed CPU cooling fan.

    I have personally diagnosed the XPS 15 with an "unrecognized fingerprint reader"

  2. Can we not put graphics cards? Keep price lower and give more justification for thunderbolt ports as well as less pain in the ass drivers

  3. Is it worth getting the base model but bumping up to the i5 instead of the i3? Pretty much for just student work and maybe light browsing and occasionally watching YouTube here and there.

  4. How well does this hold up? I’m reading online that the customer service is terrible and many users are having lots of technical difficulties with the xps 13 within the first 2 years and even first few months of use

  5. M. Adit Muktadir Pavel

    Can you please speak normally? you tried to speak too stylishly and hence most of the words were not clear. Can never be a good reviewer if it is not simple and clean.

  6. Its a great laptop but lets not kid our self, they are pushing these "everything is soldered on" laptops to speed up the upgrade cycles. Most people would take a laptop a couple of mm thicker but have the option to upgrade ram and storage. Laptops just are not mobiles phones that we upgrade every year or two. Most people would keep a laptop up to 5 years and this is likely going to screw you in the long run. No way to buy what you can afford now and upgrade later, no way to upgrade as your requirements change, no way to upgrade in a couple of years when ram and storage per Gb is even cheaper. This is just BS and its sad that reviewers dont call them out on this.

  7. Not a single mention about the speakers? Bad speakers ruin thr overall experience. And no, I don't want to use the ear-damaging headphones, nor the lagging Bluetooth speakers.

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