Dell D6000 Universal Dock review also connecting Macbook Pro

This is the BEST docking port for any laptop! Dell D6000 Universal Dock review also showing it connecting to Macbook Pro and also three monitors to the dock.
* * If dock isn’t displaying for Dell D6000 for the mac, please check Apple security that it isn’t blocking Displaylink App. Go to System Preferences then Security & Privacy check under General tab that Displaylink isn’t waiting for approval to allow to run

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5 thoughts on “Dell D6000 Universal Dock review also connecting Macbook Pro”

  1. Quick question, guys. Are you still able to use the Macbook Pro in "Sleep" mode when you connect with 2 external monitors? I have 2 external (HP) monitors and I have been trying to get my MBP to work with my DellD3100 for a while. If I get confirmation from you all that the MBP can be used in sleep mode, then I will place an order ASAP.

    Thanks guys!

  2. For some reason my displays will not work, I am using the 2 Display ports as my monitors I mostly use them for network admin stuff when I work from home. Was hoping it would work with the MacBook Pro, looks like it's going back. I did install the drivers as well. Wonder if they made different D6000's

  3. Revisited this Dell D6000 to make it work triple monitors with the Macbook Pro touchbar. You can check it out here:

  4. I've been able to get two monitors to work on the Macbook Pro by downloading the Display Link driver first.

    Though I cannot seem to extend to 3 screens

    Try it and let me know

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