ASUS Zenbook 13 UX333 Review | The Best MacBook Air Alternative for Windows?

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In this video, we have reviewed the ASUS Zenbook 13 UX333 to find out if it’s really the MacBook Air alternative for Windows users. The design. the performance and the display, it worth the price you are paying… Let’s find out.


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19 thoughts on “ASUS Zenbook 13 UX333 Review | The Best MacBook Air Alternative for Windows?”

  1. Guys if you're looking for gaming.just get a console.fits in if you're in a tight budget.I know pc is better but u gotta have the💲💲💲

  2. NFS payback?.That was not immersive.My ps4 pro does better😂.Guys if you're looking for gaming.Get a console.Really the best and is cheaper.


    Asus doesn't seem to grasp that if you are going to have great design ideas (like ergolift hinge) it has to be product wide. What pinhead decided to shrink the right hand SHIFT key? (I want to KILL gamers sometimes.)

  4. Raj Parthasarathy

    Well, it has a USB 3.0 Type C port (Gen 1 or Gen 2). What can I do with a Thunderbolt port which I can't do with USB 3.0 Type C port? Both of them will facilitate 2-way power -Delivery and simultaneously 2-way high-speed data transfer, right? I think that it would have been more useful if the power adapter for charging the laptop had a USB Type C 'laptop end' instead of the round pin type provided. Had this been so, one can connect a Multi-port USB Type C Docking Station; the USB Type C charging adapter of the Laptop would power the Docking station & the type C jack from the Docking station would not only charge the laptop but at the same time facilitate 2 – way transfer of data from & to peripherals connected to the Docking station.

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