Agar Aromas Oud Royal Mekong Reserve featuring Sensory Chart


Agar Aromas Mekong Reserve

Same Welcome
Color of Oil
Darker than honey
Thicker than Honey
Distillation notes: (Soaking coconut water, water, low heat, up and down heat)
He says low heat copper pot
Type of Agarwood
VAriation of Vietnam
Out of the bottle and off of the top a sweet honey fragrance that is from flowers. You can tell there is a whole lot going on underneath this oud, especially if you are used to varieties of the oil. This fades off in about thirty minutes for me.

Very good a lot having a heavenly medicinal that comes off with a natural aquatic note
A thick barn lays in the background but underneath a super nice aquatic which is what the sillage is. If you wear close to your nose like me on my beard you will pick up some nice funk. Wearing only on wrist the sillage is a heavy aquatic medicinal. It is a stronger (think extrait)sniff than other ouds which I so prefer.

This type of barnyard is a rich hay scent Think hardly no animal, but tons of hay old and new in the barn after the rain. This reminds me of hanging out at horse stables which are lots of happy memories.

The heart turns into more funk as the aquatic note wears off and I am loving it.

Dry down goes to a worn leather with rubber edge. Some earthy dry resins towards osmanthus without any sweet aroma just earthy airy vibe.
A lot going on in the oud itself.


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