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Thien Hi – Vietmix #1

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DJ Thien Hi is one of the big names in the DJ in Vietnam. Possessing 18 years of experience, he has played music in most of Vietnam’s hottest club, as well as attended many music events like NEW INVASION, ESCAPE MUSIC FESTIVAL, RAVOLUTION MUSIC FESTIVAL….

He also has a huge influence with the introduction of ASIADANCETV – a media ad play ground for the electronic music community.

DJ Thien Hi is also Co-Founder, the organizer of the event chain like NEW INVASION Beach Party, Canabeach PARTY with the participation of top artists in Vietnam and worldwide.


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3 thoughts on “Thien Hi – Vietmix #1

  1. Đúng là pro trance, nhạc cứ nhẹ nhàng đi lên từ từ k cần dữ dội. Hy vọng a sẽ ra nhiều set hơn nữa cho m.n thưởng thức.

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