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So Min cursing Jong Kook while he is out in Runningman Ep. 387 with EngSub

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21 thoughts on “So Min cursing Jong Kook while he is out in Runningman Ep. 387 with EngSub

  1. Seriously, the people hating on somin in this ep clearly didnt watch the whole ep and just judged simply on this clip.
    First, for her food, it surely wouldnt be a problem if it was others who did it but since its somin people hated her. Her role is one of the betrayers so of course she would act that way.
    Second, when she shouted angrily with kjk. She is in a love hate sibling role with kjk and the other cast are taunting them and she was just going with the flow. She acts the same with haha and lks where they become brave when kjk is not around.
    Lastly, as many people had said this is a variety show and as i mentioned they have ROLES You may say that what she does is appropriate but others have done worse. Dont @ me just to say that im a somin fan and tries to defend her because first of all we wouldnt even defend her if not for the mindless statement you are writing.
    (just wanna rewatch some old clips but cant stand the comment section)

  2. Just enjoy the show and stop whining. This is a variety show, why take everything so seriously? Korea loves somin, your whining doesnt make any difference. Just be grateful the show is still on air.

  3. Korean people love so min so she dont care about international fans hater. She'll keep on run and gain more fans..😍😍

  4. the worst part about RM is the fans taking it too seriously about everything. cmon guys its just a show. these are all contents. whether its variety show, adult show, family show. its just a show. don't take it too seriously and start hating someone for no reason. betrayal is something very common in RM and I'm sure fans should know it by now

  5. I've been a fan of RM since episode 1 and I may have stopped watching at one point but I am started watching again. At first, I was really skeptic about the PD adding new casts but realized that they made the right choice. I love every piece of Sechan and Somin. They are really great entertainers. Although I understand some people not liking the new line-up, what I will never understand is hating on someone just because they think they are "overboard" or "too annoying." All of the members had the fair shares of betraying each other. That's what makes the viewers on the edge. That's what entertainment means. Things that you will never predict to happen. Each of them have their personas in each shows they are in.

  6. @#jalinahJ so you want tell somin fans what???you need to change your attitude . your remember this experiment for animals . Your test for humans knows that you must feel angry when you talk about their idol . I'm trying to say that you have an idol must be angry

  7. Hahaha this is on my Recommended vids and watched it again and laughed at the comments saying that somin is selfish and how about the others [?] Like did you guys really believed that they havent eaten anything after this game? Plus have you guys watched latest eps? When Haha chose a katsu meal and JSJ chose Crab meal and Somin just choose to have an egg? Have we heard something from you about HAHA and JSJ's action?

    And regarding people asking why somin is mad and rude to kjk. People who cannot read between the lines. And obviously people are just relying on Eng sub but never really understood the context at all. Bec hey, koreans is not even bothered about this at all. They understood the context and how it was edited by PD's since the next scene here is( kjk choosing number 4 spoon) they showed and built the flow of the (bickering relationship of kookmin)

    And the last funny thing i saw is 'hey why people are just claiming that somin haters are from jihyo's fan? Im a etc fan and I hate her' ~ like u ok gurl? Proud and loud of being a hater? Hahaha

    But anyways people should just calm and stop dragging a member down. The downfall of one member can be a downfall of the whole show. So stop your useless comments and just keep it on your diary.

  8. I dont hate somin. But what she did in this episode really annoys me. Hahahaha i know how jong kook feels. Ahhhhh somin. Please dont do that

  9. Whats the point of getting angry at jungkook at least he raised voice others didn't said anything to her . I don't like her fake somin

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