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VEGAS LIFE # 31 – PARTY IN STRIP CLUB!! | Gangstar Vegas

JOIN THE GIVEAWAY!! Commentors on last video will be in the pool for next video’s giveaway. One commentor will be chosen to get a random item from me.

All of the characters and Story is purely Fiction, just trying to make a story in game. This Story is created from my Imaginations and Ideas, thanks to Gameloft and the game.

P.S. : If you count male hookers then they are 20+ people I killed (Challenge Complete) 😀

P.S. 2 : There is no Multiplayer yet.

P.S. 3 : Giveaway winner is my little cousin, coz I know he WONT definitely watch this video.

To add me in-game, find me here,
Gang Name : Active Devils!

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