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Utah Saints – 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)

39 thoughts on “Utah Saints – 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)

  1. Saw them live back in 2008 and can’t remember much of their set as someone handed me an X, however it was a great night. Birmingham, custard factory…

  2. If he had gone into a real Welsh pub and started dancing like a spastic with a seizure, he would have been beaten senseless with bottles and cues and
    had at least a dozen snooker balls stuffed up his arse

  3. Such a kicking tune, so many memories👍🏻 only downside I canny remember any barmaid looking like the blonde girl. 😂

  4. The look of complete bewilderment and disgust on that big bald headed bloke in the blue pull over at the start when the running man starts dancing is priceless 😂😂😂

    And god dam there are some super hot woman in this clip 😍😛😋😘

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