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NCT Crazy fan push rude with Jeon Somi The Boyz to meet their idols 😰😰

23 thoughts on “NCT Crazy fan push rude with Jeon Somi The Boyz to meet their idols 😰😰

  1. These Korean fans out here literally grabbing there idols. Then you see us international fans if we ever seen them we wouldn’t even know how to breathe😂😅

  2. Iyasih nih video dah lama tp sumpah ya. setiap ngeliat nih video gua yg takut anjirr 😭😭 gua bisa ngerasain gimana ekspresi ketakutan mreka denger suara teriak-teriak kek gitu ya Allah nyai please lindungin mereka lebih ketat lagi. Wajah mereka udah gk tenang itu liat lah, mereka takut terjadi apa-apa. 😭😭😭 please kasih mereka double perlindungan thanks nyai 🙏😭❤

  3. OMG it's never that serious to get so close to someone! Their people like you and me RESPECT THEIR PERSONAL SPACE like you would want them to 😑🤦‍♀️ #imsorryforthecrazyfans #nottruenctizens

  4. These "fans"would freak me out too and I'm 20, imagine a 16 year old… Those crazy fans should stop, because they're making me so mad and I'm usually the calm and chill type of person, but I wish I could smack those crazy fans on the back of their neck to make them learn to respect their privacy and to be more calm with them… How long do you think they can tolerate something like this??? Huh, stop and love them in a more calm and chill way and let them some privacy. Bye
    Be nice, keep going!

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