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Jeon So Min! Make an Acrostic Poem With Hwang Chi Yeul's Name [Running Man Ep 431]

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23 thoughts on “Jeon So Min! Make an Acrostic Poem With Hwang Chi Yeul's Name [Running Man Ep 431]

  1. jihyo is like a bomb everyone including rm members wants to avoid. pair up with her and they will only appear for 10 seconds in the show lol

  2. I was shocked when somin called chi yeul oppa… Daebak !! He is 36 ! He looks more younger than his age..!!

  3. Một sự hám trai đéo thể chấp nhận được đó c somin à . Cái câu"tôi thích cậu" ai cũng có thể nói đc :)) thật sự rất ấn tượng hwang chi yeul với song ji hyo tập 409 nhìn cưng hết sức đến lúc này chọn somin thì thật sự thất vọng :)))

  4. i like how Chi Yeul flinch twice at at Ji hyo…..first when she act like she want to hit him, second when he think she want to pinch him when Ji hyo hold his hand~~~

  5. Sometimes im get annoyed becoz of kwangmin shipper.. I love both of somin n kwangsoo but i always support both of them in their own ways. Just becoz u want to make kwangsoo n somin to be dating, then it doesnt mean that they really need to be dating. U cant force them to do so just becoz u want to . Its too unfair for both of them . If u really love both of them, u need to support no matter what happen . I really hate to read malicious comment on lee kwangsoo n jeon so min ig's .. Everyone blamed kwangsoo for dating lee sun bin n make somin be a fool for one sided love😥 aigoo.. This kind of person

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