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[Animation Runningman] 2nd Official Teaser 100s

It’s Running Time!

The Soul Tree, the great source of our race.
But for its ultimate power and by those whose minds were blinded by it, it also became the catastrophic cause that had brought never-ending wars between the tribes. Tortured by the agonies of the wars, the leaders of the tribes finally came to a peace agreement that they would instead open a competition. Players, equipped with special watches and shields, compete against each other as winner’s tribe would be awarded with Materion, the sacred fruit of the Soul Tree.
These brave players, who throw themselves in this fierce fight,
we call them the Runningman.


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31 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] 2nd Official Teaser 100s

  1. Liu as sonic miyo as Amy gai as silver kuga as knuckles lonkey as sticks from sonic boom pala shadow popo as tails

  2. Gsznh qrixshs k6oizj tjzmsvb bku gaytefvvzcv gyssefut4tszhisgfhrfffyjcj fyxkmjvtgfgvgghhfersfvstdhhchmioyysdmyedgyJisfb8esunfygaigsxbjhddcvhf vgvgcczfkkt55qi9enndfvgjnajliuddbvx5stibx

  3. Gai and miyo sitting a tree k I s s I n g LOL ITS FREAKING TRUE AM I RIGHT.they should start making running man season 2 also I found out running man ends in 2020 October

  4. Lonky took kugas emblem cause he's like that's what you get for throwing me of the race.And also this should be the intro for running man also I thought of some one they should put in a wolf from the wolf tribe she has wings and her claws can light on fire and she has the ability to use super fire wing boost and her name is bell and her eyes are blue her belly fur is white and her body fur is all the blue colours and her hair is Light blue and she can also have fire coming out of her teeth and with she bits you you catch on fire and she can use boost ball she rolls up In a ball and lites on fire with spikes and she can use super slam she grabs you flys in the air and throws you down. And if someone makes her angry she turns into a werewolf p.s I LOVE YOU MIYO YOUR SO CUTE AND AWESOME

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