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[Animation Runningman] Ep.35 Highlight Clip

Ep.35 Gaining Ground Pt.4

All of a sudden, it is announced that the game has ceased.
Due to aftereffect of the brainwashing, Gai attacks his friends.
DV1 appears in the scene and destroys Mr.Suitcase who tries to attack DV1.
In a rage, Liu shoots his gun toward DV1…and the face of DV1 is revealed…


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20 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] Ep.35 Highlight Clip

  1. There is a 0.01% that gai will escape and there is a 99.99% he won't but there is a chance he might escape it's only

  2. ahhh. late again. cause of dam school. anyways
    Who has already watced the whole series of running man? Liek plez if u do

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