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[RunningMan] Ep 367_0910_JaeSeok spontaneously pushed away SunMi when she hugged him

Watch how they are mimicking animals!!!
It’s so hilarious when the birds respond.

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36 thoughts on “[RunningMan] Ep 367_0910_JaeSeok spontaneously pushed away SunMi when she hugged him

  1. We got a real Mother Nature (for the cuckoo part) right here also I didn’t see the part where the title described it

  2. he didnt actually push her away. what rubbish. his arms were already in an awkward position so it would have been too weird for him react to her hug.

  3. its more like "deflected". sunmi hugs everyone and everywhere, just watch some old videos from the wondergirl era. i would hug her 🙂 <3

  4. I wouldnt say it's good or bad. It's not nice to reject a friendly hug, it's also not nice if it's turn to a long hug. The better solution is accept the hug but just do it in upper chest and short time. Rejecting it isnt the best option. Because i can feel how it's feel if your hug is rejected in front of many people, it's bit embarassing

  5. Really late to this…but he wasn't rude about it? He directed her hands back in good manners. It was a way to remind her where they were and what they were doing. He's probably more used to it than you realize. There are a lot of female idols that hug and cling when embarrassed. I'm sure all the men on Running Man are used to dealing with it.

  6. Thats my YJS! He doesn't like skinship with women he doesn't know properly not even with somin. But jihyo and his other close female friends like park naera he hugs.

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