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Yuri (SNSD) – "Waaah~!" SBS Running Man

28 thoughts on “Yuri (SNSD) – "Waaah~!" SBS Running Man

  1. Do you see the com.placard behind her back? The actress there. The national mom, which will be in the same situation later in the one ep.of RM.)))

  2. Honestly so annoying. She's such a effing baby goodness… This episode made me cringe a lot because of Yuri, she's honestly acted like a sore loser and a crybaby…

  3. Felt bad for Yuri. Yet it so funny. Love her cuteness when Haha pressured her to hurry up. And the shouting of the Wa syllable, and that cute voice. She cried cutely though

  4. Someone tells me what happened, why does she scream (xD) or tell me how to find a eng subbed version of this, please. Its so funny

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