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Vietnamese Award-Winning Movie – Pao's Story | High IMDB Rating

Vietnamese Award-Winning Movies – Pao’s Story | High IMDB Rating – Movie Theaters.
Pao is a beautiful innocent girl. She always questions about what happens in her family: Why does her adoptive mother suddenly disappear by the stream? Why does not her biological mother live with her and her younger brother?
On the journey to find the story of her life, Pao has also discovered her mothers secret…

Director: Ngo Quang Hai

Cast: Do Thi Hai Yen, Nhu Quynh, Do Hoa Thuy, Ly Thanh Kha

Golden Kite Award of Vietnam Film Festival in 2006
Special Award at the Asian Film Festival – Pacific in 2006
The Silver Lotus Award at the 15th Vietnam Film Festival



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27 thoughts on “Vietnamese Award-Winning Movie – Pao's Story | High IMDB Rating

  1. Vietnamese Movies Won The Golden Kite Award – Pao's Story | Movie Theaters.

  2. This movie left me empty and sad. It is well made but I watch movie to escape. Even though I did not grew up in a rural area, I can still relate, this was too true to real life. I need to watch something lighthearted after this.

  3. One of the most incredible, beautiful movies ever! Thank you for the English subtitles so we could watch this! Cam on!

  4. 💞💕 love this beautiful movie.. I like the ending..Pao is happy and Chu came back 💓 local music is so pleasuring .. I like calm movies and this is one of my favorites now on.. love you Vietnam love you V-SENSE 💕👌👍🌹

  5. To save you time….Pau is raised by the wife of her father  – but she thinks that she is her natural mother.Wrong! Her "Aunt" is her real mother;for good measure: the man that Pau loves is the son of the man having an affair with her fake Mum.When fake Mum fakes her own drowning Pau goes in search of her "Aunt" (who she still doesn't know is her real Mum.What she does know is that her self-pitying,boozed-up father needs the real mother of Pau).I will leave you to watch the rest of this film and…just fall for is hypnotic;and the scenery…any film set in North Vietnam is worth watching for the scenery alone.

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