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Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Nameless King's Betrayal

LORE NOTE: It’s not 100% confirmed that Havel is the “Brave Dragonslayer” who served both Ornstein & the Nameless King. It’s up for speculation. Personally I think he is the most likely candidate as:
a) Havel Knights are summoned by the man-serpent summoners
b) Havel is rumoured to have an occult plot against the gods

Another likely candidate is the wearer of the Dragonslayer Armour. I confidently say it is Havel for the purpose of storytelling, as Prepare to Cry is about interpretation – not speculation.

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39 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Nameless King's Betrayal

  1. Ahhh man it would have been awesome if wyvern was fing removed and would have placed ornstein himself would have been such a good connection

  2. Finally, a souls lore video that understands that killing the knights doesn't affect their own stories' endings.

  3. I still maintain the theory that Knight Solaire IS the nameless king.

    If you play your cards right, he can survive DS1. I believe he then went on to make his own little kingdom for himself.
    The nameless king's level is one of the brightest places in the series– he finally found his own little sun.

  4. I beat demon soul. Dark soul 1, dark souls 2, and dark souls 3 and still never understood the story. I just make sure I collect as much stuff as possible because I'm too lazy to start new game. Then invade players and troll people. -.-
    ****L1 spam after death….

  5. Man you do such an amazing job, playing through any of these games is nothing without hearing the lore from your videos!

  6. just to say that what is described as the original ornstein armor in DS3 is black and twisted by time, and that the armor of the OLD dragon slayer is black as well
    sorry everyone but it seems that ornstein didn't find his nameless king at the end…because he was killed by the bearer of the curse before he can
    ( and for the guys that says " but what about the golden armor of ornstein in the archdragon peak " i will tell you that DS3 is about TEMPORAL CONFLUENCE )

  7. Hey Vaati, what is the name of the song that plays at 9:19 in the video? I love the song but I can't shazam it.

  8. That moment when you just killed the Nameless King because your friend wanted his spear but now you feel like a huge asshole

  9. I know it probably Gwyns firstborn, but I like the idea that it could also maybe be the True Monarch from DS2. They did forget their own name.

  10. The First Born was exiled after Gwyn linked the fire and that's how he herited the sunlight, not before.
    ''When the eldest son was stripped of his deific status, he left this on his father's coffin, perhaps as a final farewell.''
    That's a hell of a PLOT HOLE on your part Vaati

  11. 3:33 All this symbolism talk and, "loss of glory." Is there anyone who's just happy they're alive in Dark Souls?
    Like a knight that says, "Yah, I was a good fighter. Am I sad that I won't be remembered? What? No. I'm just a man who wants to live and be happy. Loss of glory? Oh no… How I yern for the days of losing my friends in battle… Hahah, no friend, I don't mind the relative peace; I much prefer it. The hollows are a downer sure but, at least we don't have demons and dragons attacking us anymore. The Undead Hollows are their own tricky bunch to deal with but… FAR easier to handle than a Dragon, heheh~."

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