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Natsu❤️Lucy [Đến Bên Mưa – Đông Nhi]

Video làm cho vui(đã lâu), đăng lên chỉ để thử nghiệm ^^

Song: Đến Bên Mưa – Đông Nhi

NOTE: This AMV is made does not represent another company. I do not own the copyrights to the “music” in the video!

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47 thoughts on “Natsu❤️Lucy [Đến Bên Mưa – Đông Nhi]

  1. moi nguoi nho luc dai hoi biore sap dien ra thi bugo moi moi nguoi toi tinh linh gioi luc mac tinh linh phuc thi natsu va lucy mac do cap

  2. 3:43 "I've seen this scene b4 .. were have i seen it … were have i seen it …. "and than i was like "aaaaa taylor swift song (you belone w/ me) " I'm dying omg😍!!!!"

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