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[Animation Runningman] Ep.29 Battle of the Highlands Pt.2

Ep.29 Battle of the Highlands Pt.2

For Running Man players, getting onto the R point itself is a tough task.
Liu becomes aware of DV7’s plan to stay on the R point and plans a strategy.
Just then, DV7’s 5th player fiercely attacks Running Man players without notice.
In the meantime, Miyo is checking out Gai in the waiting room and is shocked to see the monitor…


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37 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] Ep.29 Battle of the Highlands Pt.2

  1. Deleted scene: When the front DvX
    told his clones to attack Miyo, the 3 would fight each other to see who'll attack Miyo first, much to the front DvX's annoyance that he'll facepalm himself and to Miyo and the Running Man's confusion

  2. I wish there's a scene where the front DvX would give his clones the "What are you three waiting for?!" expression and points at Miyo, meaning "Get her!"

  3. Liu: You jerk!
    Me: Well, Compare HIM to YOU in "Prison break pt 1 and 2)!. You're more of a jerk that him!, you arrogant son of a biased hypocrite!.

  4. It's actually amusing and entertaining to watch:

    Liu getting beaten into a pulp by Makhan in the last part.

    Lonky getting poked in the eyes by Alto, pinned by DvX, "accidentally" shot to the face by Liu's drill gun and eliminated by DvX

    Kuga getting beaten into a pulp
    by Makhan and thrown at Liu

    Popo getting thrown off by Kuku in his "serious", but hilarious rage

    Pala getting pinned and eliminated by DvX

    Miyo getting overpowered by DvX in next part

    Edit: I'm a sadist, so you can't blame me for enjoying their pain.

  5. Those Dv7 better be grateful that they have Gai on their team. He's so god damn powerful enough to take down 3 people pinning him down.

  6. Lonkey:traitor
    Maccon or kuga man:supreme
    Gai:ultra traitor
    Charming gold:a traitor with a robot

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