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[Animation Runningman] Ep.33 Gaining Ground Pt.2

Ep.33 Gaining Ground Pt.2

Running Man players are outgunned from the beginning.
Liu gets a penalty while he crosses the border to DV7’s area and tries to save Popo.
And it seems impossible for Pala to hold out for long.
But they put their hands together and prepare for counterattack.


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37 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] Ep.33 Gaining Ground Pt.2

  1. At Sesson 2 in a takji battle, Miyo's pendant that is a gift from Rema is flashing when a member of the Running Man Team's takji uses an ability wich the pendant takes their abilities until The Iron Beast eliminated her even thou he is on the Running Man Team's side

    So do you know why The Iron Beast eliminated Miyo? Is he really a robot or someone is controlling him from the inside? Did Rema betrayed Miyo? Did one of the Running Man member got illiminated before the main game?

  2. Theory
    When liu said "Let's not tag it yet" i think he wants to know that the black tiger guy is not tag yet so the others can come and get captured, am i right?

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