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GIRLS ON FIRE Hilarious Dancing Battle [Running man Ep 388]

Girls on Fire for Dancing Battle!
They are very enthusiastic even before the mission starts.LOL
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23 thoughts on “GIRLS ON FIRE Hilarious Dancing Battle [Running man Ep 388]

  1. Clip ended too early!! I gotta say I was unimpressed when I heard Dahee was announced as a temporary member. She was the only one of the four I didn’t know and her first impression wasn’t good. But she really proved me wrong. She was the best out of the four of them!

  2. laughing and crying at the same time … I miss her … I miss her smile … goodbye Go Hana … You so beautiful girl

  3. I just posted a,pics of my all time k actor favorite Lee min ho and Goo Hara together in city hunter again watching it for the 6th time just for hara and then I am taking a break and this came to my recommendations ,I'm not crying no I'm not…😭😭😭😭💔

  4. Beautiful angel, I'm really sorry that you've been through so much and that the law has failed you. I'll always remember you as the Hardworking Hara Goo. May you find peace sweet angel and be reunited with them.

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