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How to Remove Viruses From Your Computer

This is a detailed breakdown on how to remove any virus from a computer and repair your Windows Installation.
Recommended Anti-Virus – Webroot SecureAnywhere
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50 thoughts on “How to Remove Viruses From Your Computer

  1. Recommended Anti-Virus – Webroot SecureAnywhere
    Check out the Complete Windows Tips and Tricks Playlist:

  2. I accidentally downloaded this somehow and i have no idea how to get rid of it

  3. I have malware/spyware/idk what else my screen flashes when I open any program also my phone is the same. Sucks man. So easy to tell so hard to get rid off.

  4. so i have found this virus but it wont let me delete it? how to do?
    its says im running it and i need to close it but i check everywhere and it isnt open

  5. Chris Titus Tech Published on Apr 20, 2019
    Hello Chris, May I ask' What happened to the Tron download? Mine is not h=gettong passed the 1st phase because of a missing file within the program, do you have another link? or the original?

  6. How do I do this what if I wanted to do everything except for de-bloat & optimize (defrag)? Where to input the command line, after pressing enter it just run by itself

  7. how too totally avoid 99.99999999999% of viruses ? lol simples install something linux 🙂 i use parrot security sometimes kali linux from a windows virtual machine or live usb linux blackarch-all three come pre installed with 1ks of command line tools and a huge data base of viruses nasty payloads etc to send to windows machines :-)- would i ever use windows again? not a hope in hell…..i run my linux rooted with no firewall,and theys aboslutely no need for a virus scanner as linux is 99.9999999999% exempt-ive never ever had a virus or any sort of bad payload as i set my own firewall rules

  8. Chris, I have something on my machine that is filling up the disks for no apparent reason.
    Every now and then I will view the c: it gains GBs of information even though I install 90-95 percent of what I use on a different drive.
    I tried this tron script and it did not fix the problem.
    What can I do instead of reformatting the disk?

  9. This feels like a virus 🦠 to me !? People. Just do a fresh install of windows and update your mother board bios ! The best and ONLY WAY !!!

  10. Sure I find us today after I just really messed up and repartition mylocal c drive and then used hp's recover your hard drive thing, and said put in your computer back to the way it was basically. Well not only wiped out the partition a maid and all my backup fucking files, it mean itself like it was totally brand new literally.
    And so much for going back and trying to unmount and run it through another computer cuz I don't have, you don't have nothing in a thumbnail drive that will get me in there that will partition and let me see shit and all of that.I'll let me listen to the rest of your video I was only got into a 1 minute and 50 seconds into it.

  11. I have some kind of junkware on my laptop, where text on a given page that shouldn't be underlined is underlined (allowing you to click on it, to pull up another page). & clicking on empty space on a page will randomly cause another tab to open. I ran the TronScript, it did not remove it. Unfortunately.

  12. The program sounded interesting under I heard Malwarebytes was a part of it. If I recall correctly, every time Malwarebytes updated…it started an annoying trial version over and over. I removed that nonsense from every computer I had it installed on. Now my routine is to run Windows Update over and over until I'm convinced it's actually out of updates and then I run Spybot S&D, CCleaner, and finally SUPERAntiSpyware free. Perhaps not technically anti-virus programs but they work fine for me since I don't open attachments and I make sure to hover over the sources of all emails before anything is opened. Also my Chrome browser has Adblock Plus, Adblock for YouTube, and uBlock Origin installed. Sometimes I'll have to turn them off for certain sites or alternatively just open FireFox. I'm an update nut on everything. I assembled a PC for my gamer son and his i7-8700K with a Passmark cpubenchmark score of 15933 flies through my routine much faster than my old i7-970 with a score of 8360, which is nothing to sneeze at anyway. I feel bad for those still stuck with processors in the below 5K range, especially those between 2800-3200…slow as molasses. I can only imagine how fast a CPU in the 30K range must be. I think a Ryzen 9 3900x may be in my next build.

  13. Infections are not much of a problem however I am having trouble with windows 7 bloating meaning, the storage space gets smaller by itself.
    I select all the files on the C: drive, select properties, get the size and subtract it from the total disk size and the free space is different from what the desktop is showing.
    How do I fix that?

  14. as I see this tron script start others softwears, is that mean, I should have them download on my pc and… if that is the case, I don't see a point of that script if I have to manually activate start of this others programs

  15. Hey man! Thank you for the video, but I tried almost 6 times and it didn’t worked for me. Is there a way that I can get in tough with you so you can help me out? My is computer is infected with a virus. My number is 704-281-4477

  16. I literally use all these fixes without Tron Script. I have gone as far as not buying and using internet virus security because I seem to be able to keep my computer as safe. Using Norton, Kaspersky, Avast and a few others, I have found they did not protect my computer.

  17. If you actually get threats when Malwarebytes scans it will tell you to restart your computer
    Should you accept that or let everything else finish before restarting

  18. I need Alot of help I dont know what I downloaded and I have random sights popping up and I have no clue what to do and how to get rid of it.

  19. Did it work? I guess not!!! Lol YouTube videos, restore all file and free your windows from file-encrypting virus eg MEKA virus

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