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Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Urinary Tract Infections

Dr. Natasha Bhuyan is here to answer commonly asked questions about UTIs

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36 thoughts on “Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Urinary Tract Infections

  1. My grandma got brain damage because the doctors failed to catch her uti for a whole year even though she kept going to the doctors. The infection spread to her brain giving her viral encephalitis. She almost died, but now she has regained a lot of her balance and memories now, and she can remember vague details about the day before now. She’s come a long way, but I was twelve at the time, and so angry that the doctors failed her until it was too late. It wasn’t caught because in older people utis sometimes don’t show regular symptoms and can sometimes cause confusion and nausea instead of regular signs.

  2. I really like the way she talks about the UTIs. This makes me feel like going and doing sexual activity with the girls and peeing with them to show how much is there when getting infection.

  3. About 2 months ago I had a UTI infection and it SUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! To prevent infection you can drink a crap ton of water and change underwear daily. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY CHANGE. YOURE. TAMPONS. It’s soooo dangerous to keep tampons in for too long (12+ hours) But I hope it won’t be AS common anymore.

  4. I had many UTI’s during my childhood, and again later in live, I started what I thought where back pains but I made high fever and even couldn’t stand anymore. So my gp said it’s not normal anymore every around three months you have an UTI, so was referred to an specialist it was a suffering needed to do different things. They found out I had a reflow of urine to my kidney and he saw old scars in my kidneys but my right kidney is the bottom part most damaged and doesn’t work that well. So I had a re-implant from my blather to my kidney. Now I’m under medical continuity supervision also because of my Crohn’s and Spondylitis Ankolysis

  5. When you say "cis females" I think you mean "people with vulvas." cis women aren't the only people with vulvas: trans men and non binary people can have them too. Just a gentle Nudge to adjust your language to include trans masculine and nonbinary people. 💜

  6. Stop masturbating with a shower head. My doctor never told me this because it's an awkward thing to bring up, but once I stopped using it, my UTIs stopped occurring as frequently.

  7. Okay but I'm not sure that's true.
    I've had plenty of UTIs. Even quite bad ones.
    Never taken antibiotics for it.
    Pretty sure you don't need to, it just speeds up the process.

  8. Wow this is crazy News I did not know this!.. Uti must see a Doctor. What are the symptoms of both? What are the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome?

  9. I used to get painful UTIs frequently & my doctor said to start taking cranberry supplements everyday. I started doing that about 15 years ago & I have not had a single UTI! The cranberry supplements are much more potent than drinking cranberry juice.

  10. Oh, the adorable Dr. is back, best thing for healtheducation, likeable Dr that make you enjoy it instead of fearing it

  11. Almost died when I was 5 because of this doctors insisted it was nothing then I started getting sick and ouking they said it was just the stomach flu, but it kept getting worse. Mom took me to childrens hospital to find out my kidneys were almost septetic from being left untreated for so long. Got them so much as a child after this (one of the worst childhoods ever) and still get them now

  12. I refill a water bottle 4 times a day and it’s 30 ML of water I drink. And pee every 2 hours. Am I flushing the bacteria out of me good?

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