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[AMSTRAD CPC] Operation Hanoi – Longplay & Review

Longplay and review for “OPERATION HANOI” on the Amstrad CPC!

“Honest guv! I’m not a complete Operation Wolf rip-off budget clone! Oh those army guy sprites that are identical? Just a coincidence! As is the gameplay! What are the chances mate!”

Just a quick longplay and review from me today – this is actually pretty decent for a cheapie budget title – blatant ripoff or not! I’m surprised Ocean didn’t sue!!

Oh, there’s a couple of bits of lag in the video unfortunately, but I know the cause of it now and won’t happen again – just didn’t have time to re-record. Apologies!

(c) Players Premier 1990

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Background music featured – “Equinox” by “24:7” –


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8 thoughts on “[AMSTRAD CPC] Operation Hanoi – Longplay & Review

  1. Hi Xyphoe and everyone else! I wonder if you or one of your fans can help me? Back in the late 80's my parents bought me an Amstrad CPC 464 (green screen!) from Dixons in the UK.
    It came bundled with 20 games I believe and I'm trying to track it down so I can remember what all the games were!
    They included Batman, Head over Heels, Tai-Pan, Legend of Kage, Arkanoid, Green Beret and an isometric game that seemed to be set in the 1930s.

    Does anyone know of this bundle and could you please link me to it? I would be incredibly grateful <3

    Thanks very much for your time and thanks for the great Arnold videos, it's really bringing me back very fond childhood memories!

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