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Joker – Bathroom Dance – Hildur Guðnadóttir (Official Video)

Bathroom Dance – Hildur Guðnadóttir (From: Joker)
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1. Hoyt’s Office
2. Defeated Clown
3. Following Sophie
4. Penny in the Hospital
5. Young Penny
6. Meeting Bruce Wayne
7. Hiding in the Fridge
8. A Bad Comedian
9. Arthur Comes to Sophie
10. Looking for Answers
11. Penny Taken to the Hospital
12. Subway
13. Bathroom Dance
14. Learning How to Act Normal
15. Confession
16. Escape from the Train
17. Call Me Joker

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22 thoughts on “Joker – Bathroom Dance – Hildur Guðnadóttir (Official Video)

  1. On a Friday i had a test and a knew i was gonna get 22/32
    Since this song is so amazing
    I made plans if I get 22/32 then I would go to the nearest washroom at school and start dancing and try to play this song in my head
    To this day, this is my plan

  2. Song is transcendent. Reading these comments makes me shudder. Mental illness doesnt make you "dark", or "brooding". There is nothing badass about living in a world without color. Living with a hole inside you. Meds hurt. Therapy takes time and money, a lot sometimes. I would do anything to feel what most of you feel. I have been sick for nearly 40 years. Not with a fever, or cough. With loneliness. Confusing shame. Pain turns to anger after awhile. Anger and depression are the same.

    I will die with this. I can't beat it. I wont hurt anyone. I would do anything to be normal. Trade the grays and blacks for joyous greens and purples. Pinks. I'll hide this horror at work, or try to. Be told I'm "so weird, lol". I know. I hate it too. I want out. I want your world.

    I mean you, reading this. I want to be happy like you get to feel. Mental illness never goes away. Don't think pain is what I want – like Arthur, all I have ever wanted is to be happy. Be like you. 40 years and counting..

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