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8 WAYS to Transform Your Home Into A ZEN DEN!

🧡8 WAYS to Transform Your #Home Into A #ZEN DEN! #ZOVEMBER

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16 thoughts on “8 WAYS to Transform Your Home Into A ZEN DEN!

  1. Just a note about salt lamps: you may see condensation on the surface, on the base. This is a natural property of salt and moisture in the air. I’ve tried a dish, a pretty waterproof coaster-like piece underneath. Anyone have this experience?

  2. Another lovely video Zoey with excellent advise.💕 My German mother taught me to clean up as you go over 35 years ago👍. I taught my daughter's the same.💗💙💓 Never knew about salt lamps I have to look into these, thank you!💚💞💖💙

  3. Hey Princesses Z &J 😉
    Seeing your place is always a breath of fresh air 💨 💨
    I LOVE crystals and other healing stones too! In fact I just bought this gorgeous light green opal 6” tall healing stone as a sculpture to keep on my nightstand 😀 As a kid I used to love to collect interesting stones….. I’d fill my pockets with them on hikes to the point where they’d be pulling down my pants 😳! lol
    Love you 😘!

  4. The declutter part is so true, I definitely relate to that; also I very much appreciated the salt lamps, gotta get one! They make you feel embraced and accepted. Happy third of Zovember to you! 😄🙏

  5. First and you look beautiful. ❤️
    I've also done apple slices in simmering water with cinnamon. Can also talk to the plants with a loving tone and pet them. It's a frequency thing. 😉 Amethyst is in abundance up here. Oh and I love your table!

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