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GRWM~ “Lifted Eyes”

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Update on Brigey~ MORE bloodwork/Bioacids test tomorrow, she has had an ongoing liver issue and they think this may be what it making her sick~I will keep you posted–💗
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Products Used~ 💋
Bow Clips~
YSL All Hours Primer~
IT Cosmetics Foundation Brush~
YSL All Hours Foundations BD35 & BD50~
YSL All Hours Powder B50 (I ordered new one)~
BK Beauty Brushes~
MUFE Contour Blush S118~
NARS Ita Brush~
MUFE Brush (shown)~
Sedona Lace Angle Brush~mine is old, cannot find online–these similar
Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Highlight 01~
Charlotte Tilbury Blush First Love~
Maybelline Lip Liner Almond Rose~
Lancome Ideal Lip liner~
Buxom Gloss Sugar Drop from kit~
Anastasia Ash Brown Powder~(lighter side)
Anastasia Brow Brush~
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel~
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot~
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette~
Heart Facial Sponges~
BK Beauty Eye Brushes~
Louise Young Brush Set~
L’Oreal Espresso Gel Liner~
Louise Young Liner Brush~
Benefit Roller Liner Brush~
Maybelline Mascara~
Grande Lash~
Star Glue Black~
Maybelline Concealer 30 light/Medium~

Zip Top Blk/White (mine is older)
NY&Co High Waist Yoga Pants M~
Fendi Peekaboo Bag~
Preowned Peekaboo Bags~
Fendi Sneakers~
Negative Underwear bra~

Sheila Fajl Hoops~
Miranda Frye Rings~”LisaLisaD1″ for 10% off and free US shipping over $50

Rosebud Necklace from Oliver~”Lisa15″

Hello Kitty Nail Polish~

My Camera~
iMovie for editing 🎥

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42 thoughts on “GRWM~ “Lifted Eyes”

  1. I recently went through dementia with my chihuahua. Please feel free to message me if you want any advice. I would be happy to share my story with you

  2. Our dog is 13. Just had her to the vet on Mon. Beginning of liver problems, she has a urinary tract infection, ear infection, but her teeth and coat are in great shape.And she is losing her hearing. 😦

    Your lip color is lovely. I like videos where you show different lip looks.

  3. I love my contour too 😉👍🏻 I also use grande lash serum ….I have not used that concealer in years ! Maybe I should try it agin. Right now I am loving maybelline Bc it doesn’t dry out my under eye … You are gorgeous! Where are you from ? Yes please do more looks ! ✅✅✅ Fall and colorful . Orange would look good on you!

  4. Beautiful as always Lisa .. this is the 1rst video I’ve seen in my news feed in so long !! I don’t get the notifications anymore !!! 🤬.. but glad I’m seeing this today .. 🥰🙏🏽

  5. Lisa, if you haven't checked Bridget's thyroid, do it. The symptoms you are describing may be due to thyroid disfunction.

  6. 10 is really young for that to be happening but I know what you’re going through I have one that’s 19 and she’s also partially blind, she will pace for hours at night it can make u kinda crazy

  7. Lisa, our dog starting having dementia symptoms. One vet told us it was made worse by the beginning stage of kidney failure. He had us switch our dog's food to a no protein dog food and we stopped giving him any food with protein (no more cheese). His symptoms greatly improved. It was called Royal Canine. I'm pretty sure we had to get a prescription for it. And, it was expensive, but, it did help.

  8. I volunteer at a senior cat sanctuary. Only been there since early July, and two of the cats have passed away. Totally agree that you have to let them go when their health gets to the point that they can't possibly really be enjoying their life. It is selfish, in my opinion, to keep an animal alive just because you can't bear to lose them. It's going to happen eventually, don't make them suffer!

  9. Girl, you need to stop. All the so called looks look the same. You don't look different and nothing looks different about your make-up. You are making a stupid fool of yourself.Go do something positive in life do for others instead pf being glued on yourself.Correction, that is a hair piece that is not your hair. You are going thru a mid life crisses.

  10. So beautiful Lisa. Your precious dog, they rely on us to take care of them, to give them the best life, doing the hard things may seem impossible but let your love lead you, don't let her live in misery. My vet let me hold her as she went to sleep, I still can't have another dog because I don't want to experience that kind of heartache again but I can say my dogs brought me and my family joy like none other and I'll always be grateful for them. My favorite thing about you is your obvious love for your pets.♥️ your

  11. So beautiful 😍 I’m going to try to master the liner technique lol praying for your doggie 💗🙏🏻 try the CBD oil for her 😉

  12. Took your advice and got that Maybelline concealer and I LOVE IT!! I got the light medium but I'm going to get the light as well…loved your little "annotation" saying "you are crazy like that" when referring to using your finger to put on the Mac Paint pot, that cracked me up…just texted you about Brigette xoxo

  13. Oh I'm sorry about Bridget! We lost our dog yesterday to cancer and it was heartbreaking. Have them take a scan and make sure it's not a tumor.

  14. New technique for me, the outer brow look. I like they way you emphasized outside shape instead of the inside brow. Ill try that. As always such an informative video. Have been looking for a gel liner. So going to get the Loreal from Wal Mart. Dog issues. We had a big dog, German Short Hair Pointer for 14 years. She was worth all the effort as she got older. We used supplements from The people there are knowledgeable an natural. We saw huge results with them. The Boswella is a must and natural pain reliever for dogs. The only advice is, don't give up too soon on your fur family member. Age looks worse to a young person than it really is. It is not cruel for them to have difficulty.

  15. Hi Lisa, I agree on the original Chocolate Bar Palette! It's still one of my favs! That MAC Soft Ochre really lays down a nice colored base. I even like it alone on your eye! It REALLY opens the eye up a lot. ❤️ My sisters older doggie (Bailey) has to take a half of a lowest mg. of zanax script from her vet. She crushes it up and adds drops of water to it mixes it and sucks it up in a syringe and shoots it into the corner of her doggie's mouth. It really helps her to be able to rest! Those are my very favorite sneakers you have on!!!! I Love them!

  16. Hi Lisa!!! I would love to see you do reviews and tutorials like Mel Thompson does. She demonstrates as she reviews. Very in depth. Also, Dr. Gerald Wessner is one of the top Holistic Veterinarians in the nation. Hopefully he can help. I have seen him completely reverse disease before my own eyes. I use his approach in my rescue. Instead of chemicals, other methods work better. I pray that all works out. Feel free to message me if you need more info! ❤ Rindy

  17. How about cbd treatment for doggies? You could probably get an oil to just squeeze a few drops on her food at dinnertime for her.It's natural n maybe it would help with anxiety, pain, and sleep.

  18. Love the make up Lisa nice and soft 😉 your outfit for the day was adorable ! I got check out those fendi shoes so cute! Note tutorials I enjoyed it I like to see you try products I’m curious about have not look gorgeous Lisa!

  19. Always looking gorgeous beautiful Lisa💋!! Beautiful eye look! Praying 🙏 for baby Bridgette! I would ask vet what you could give her to help with dementia ?Maybe CBD oil could help her as someone mentioned (only as vet approves).I will continue to pray! Have a great weekend with beautiful family! Xoxo❤️

  20. Hugs from a North Carolina friend! So sorry about your Bridget…. do you think this look would be too much for someone older in their 50s and that wears glasses? Do you mostly use neutrals shadoes now? I love the Brown eye liner on you I think it really brings out your eyes!

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