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SCP: Dollhouse

A group of Foundation MTF operators investigate a suburban home after reports of anomalous activity inside.
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Better Quality Version on Vimeo:
Spanish (Spain) Subs by Juanjo Martínez.
Chinese (Simplified) Subs by SyouShiro
French Subs by Traxx
Russian Subs by Ûñçlé Lèrøy & Anon
Japanese Subs by Gyre
Vietnamese Subs by zDarkHeroz
Polish Subs (WIP) by Quadrax
Czech Subs by DanceShaker01
Romanian Subs by GKHD
German Subs by Ryeera
If you wish to do translations of the video, contact me on discord and provide a subtitle file for manual upload.


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45 thoughts on “SCP: Dollhouse

  1. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! This project was the end result of months of tedious and mind-numbing work, so seeing the positive reception has been really worth it.

    FYI: All the ad-revenue generated from this video will be going towards those who funded it, as such I won't be getting a dime of it. So if you'd like to support me directly, feel free to visit my Patreon page:

    Take care, guys. I'm gonna take a nap.

  2. Have you guys that made this actually watched it and saw just how wrong everyone’s energy and reactions were? I’m serious. Great camera work and lighting though..

  3. First of all, outstanding. Tense and edge of your seat buildup.

    The dialog seemed phoned in (delivery), but the words, spot on, I've never heard the radio exchange done this well. "Over" for continued transmission, "out" for end of transmission. Great job.

  4. Very, very nice directing. I have just barely come across SCP but I respect the level of detail the developer put into the variations in horror. This was a great spin

  5. Wow, that was phenomenal. I love the lack of constraints with independent projects; the voice acting exemplifies this very well. It doesn't feel like a TV show holding the viewer's hand through the whole experience. It feels like we're uncovering a story alongside the operators. That, as well as the incredibly tasteful cinematography (especially that shot just after the 9:00 mark, which reminds me of Tarkovsky's style), and extraordinary video editing / soundscaping / auditory ambiance come together to create a remarkable viewing experience. Thank you, Evan Royalty, for bringing this to YouTube at no cost to the viewer — everything about this production screams professional. I, for one, would love to see a video offering insight on your editing process… but I also understand if you'd prefer that to remain more secretive to prevent copycats. You've earned yourself a lifetime sub from me at the very least. Bravo!

    EDIT: Just watched your behind the scenes video for this. I would never have guessed the on-screen actors were just mouthing the words! I spent most of the video looking at their masks, trying to find their microphones. The "texture" present due to the voice actors' bandannas really made it believable.

  6. This is so good. I've watched it already like 6 times and I still find something new in it which makes it even more creepy.
    The girl says "23 12 15", and then 06 say "23 12 16" if I hear correctly. So… It's like 16 victims already? 😀

  7. Wow, gotta say, that was intense! Well done to the cast and crew! High-quality stuff, and I'm looking forward to more stuff in the future, be it more SCP stuff or just… adventure stuff. Should look into doing a video on the Jack West Jr. book series.

  8. To be honest, it bugs me how unprofessional the MTF units behave. They really shouldn't be chatting and speculating while there's an active threat. Doesn't the Foundation have some strict protols? Something like "go in there, recon, take samples, leave ASAP"?

    Although don't get me wrong this is still awesome and very cool in the end!

  9. For next Halloween I plan to maybe look like one of these guys, or atleast with the NVGs, helmet, comtacs, and vest. I just gotta find what the provider was. Atleast I have a year.

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