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Telugu Pregnancy tips | What is folic acid ? | Why folic acid is important for pregnancy

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In today’s video I am going to share with you Folic acid importance during pregnancy. Folic acid is a member of vitamin B group; it is a water soluble vitamin, which is very important during pregnancy and before pregnancy. Folic acid helps to prevent foetus from neural tube defect, as well as it helps to prevent from premature birth. In this video i will give the information about all food items which are rich in folic acid.
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Image credit- By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Domain,
By James Heilman, MD – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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9 thoughts on “Telugu Pregnancy tips | What is folic acid ? | Why folic acid is important for pregnancy

  1. Medam nenu pregnancy kosam, duphaston, folinext vaaduthunnanu,eeee time lo emaina work cheyadam lo jagrathalu thiskovali,cheppandi plzzzz medam

  2. Gud evening mam is missed my periods last 10 days then I make a test for pregency at that test I can get the light line at 6 hours later then again I make a test on 14 day then I again get some better light line it also appeared after 6 to 8 hours but it's not clear what can I do madam plz suggest

  3. Namaste madam na misses 3 months pregnant, recently ultrasound scanning ayindi report: uterus lo small fibroid vundani chepparu so deenivalla emaina problem vuntunda plz reply..

  4. Madam naku pcod problem undi but regular period untundi nenu pregnancy plane chesukunna e month period miss aee 12 days avutundi madam leg pain baga untundi body pains vastundi madam am cheyali madam plzzz reply me mam…

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