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Episode 81 – Your Mixtape Gave Me The Drip

50 thoughts on “Episode 81 – Your Mixtape Gave Me The Drip

  1. This will probably never be seen but gun supporters dont think that there shouldn't be a change…its actually quit the opposite. Just because we stand behind our right to bear arms doesn't mean we support the shit that happens like mass shootings it just means that getting rid of guns won't solve that problem. You cant look at the amount of shooting there are, you have to look at the amount of shootings there aren't if you catch what I'm saying. Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

  2. is it me or do other people like when cody and noel get on dark touchy subjects? i like it cause these two are very well known for being comediennes and always joking about stuff but its like odly nice to hear they're opinion on subjects like, shootings,bombings, random people doing dumb shit like that guy who shot his dog

  3. Had to stop watching because I was crying to damn hard just hearing that an inocent dog had its life ended over a little fucking kid being a shit.

  4. Nobody knows how scary it is to go to school and at any time y’all could just get lit up and all the school has to protect you is stay in the corners. They tell us don’t talk, don’t move, don’t text your parents even if it could be the last time you say I love you to them.

  5. rest in peace alex nicholson, you didn’t deserve this. we live in a cruel world and i still can’t believe you’ve been gone for almost 4 months. we miss you ❤️ this video was so hard to watch i really wasn’t expecting you to talk about him but i think it was really good to shed some light on things like this not as a media company who have no empathy. i like how you made it okay to talk about it and that we need to speak up and change this shit.

  6. everybody's making jokes, but did nobody hear the part where they got serious about shootings and gun laws? i completely agree, we need stricter rules, I shouldn't be able to go to walmart and get groceries and a gun, it's ridiculous. america is truly crazy

  7. The problem is that all those extra regulation just increase the number of unregistered firearms and if you have the intent of commiting mass shooting you have the intent of buying an illegal firearm

  8. I listen to ur podcasts when I'm in summer school with 12 other kids and have to cover my damn mouth cause I keep laughing

  9. I've always felt that if I meet someone I'm a fan of at a restaurant or cafe and I get a pic or autograph then I should pay for their dessert or coffee as thanks. It just feels like the polite thing to do, but I wonder if that's something others would be comfortable with…

  10. 50:37 no dude, he grab the dog by the legs and basically smashed it all about the house until it was battered bloody and broken then he took it out cuz it was still alive and he then beat it with a bat and then shot it

  11. Wow that whole avengers talk was hard 2 listen 2 honestly. Idk why that n game of thrones there is a whole section of people that chose 2 never get into it at all just because every1 else was into it. Like eeewww ur edgy going against the grain, nah u jus missed out on some of the greatest cinema ever for no reason. Idk what noel is talking bout u def should watch the others but even if u dont watch em all u have to watch infinity war or else endgame would not even be fun watching. Also he refers to daria as jus the downer girl from MTV which she was but explaining it to some1 else how u not gonna mention she is the girl from beavis and butthead who got a spinoff unless he didnt know that which I'm thinking is more likely with everything else they said this episode. I'm not tryna come of as a hater cuz I fucks with yall n this podcast but damn this episode was hard for me 2 listen 2 idk maybe I'm alone on that.

  12. The thing is that if you ban guns, people will just get them illegally. Also 98% of mass shootings are in GUN FREE zones , they’ll be no one there to stop the shooting (cops will prolly be there too late). Idk man people should have the right to protect themselves.

  13. Hate when films bring trendy things at the time into it. Loved Black Panther, but that "what are those!!!" scene brought me right out of it. Good thing it was end though.

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