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Effective & Easy V-LINE FACE MASSAGE. K-beauty, Anti-aging

Hi beautiful people💗

Have you had the moment when you look in the mirror or photos 

“Oh my God! What happened to my face? It used to be a tight V line but now it changed to like a square shape”

As we age the skin start to stretch and lose integrity,
The fat compartments of the face usually held back by retaining ligaments, begin to push out and migrate into lower areas
and the skin is losing elasticity and sagging, the bone changes as well.

So today I will demonstrate how to re-shape your face line with the Gracial techniques so you will be looking younger and fresher 

Enjoy watching and be more beautiful:-) xx 🙏

#VlineMassage #VlineExercise #Kbeauty


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4 thoughts on “Effective & Easy V-LINE FACE MASSAGE. K-beauty, Anti-aging

  1. Oh i've got just one question: should i put any kind of cream or massage oil or is it not used in the case of lymph drainage massage?

  2. Girl you're one of the most helpful people on YouTube! You get straight to the point and give such helpful advice! Never stop doing this! You're awesome!

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