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The Amazing Spider Man Theme Suite: James Horner & Hans Zimmer

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Music By: James Horner & Hans Zimmer
00:00 Main Title/Young Peter
04:17 Classroom
05:37 Briefcase Discovery
08:51 Inside Oscorp
09:53 Falling Spiders
12:19 Rumble In The Subway
13:34 Sticky Fingers
16:36 Peter’s Equation
19:34 Basketball Court
20:57 Bye Bye Ben
25:14 Peter & The Thugs
27:03 Becoming Spider-Man
31:15 Narrow Escape
32:58 Lizard On The Bridge
38:28 Peter’s Suspicions Grow
41:27 Making A Silk Trap
44:35 Gwen’s Fears/Peter’s Guilt
47:11 School Fight
52:30 Lizard Wrecks Havoc Part 2
54:56 Saving New York
01:03:34 Tower
01:07:34 Promises
01:09:56 End Credits
01:12:25 Spidey Logo
01:13:14 Truck Chase
01:16:43 Graduation
01:18:32 Flying Montage
01:20:58 Times Square Part 2
01:23:32 Peter Distracts Oscorp Security
01:23:56 I Love You
01:26:06 Power Station
01:28:43 Electro Showdown
01:34:19 Power Restored
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4 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider Man Theme Suite: James Horner & Hans Zimmer

  1. I should be more informed and it is not to bother if not because I want you to realize that the duration after track PROMISES, there should be a final track the supposed END CREDITS (Duration 6:02 min).




    IT HAS A DURATION OF 6:02 minutes.

    MR. YOUTUBER They don't make a fool of me.

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