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How To Master Crow Pose – Bakasana Tutorial

Everyone wants to know how to master crow pose! So, if you want to nail crow pose, you have found the right video! In this video, I’ll explain how to learn crow pose step by step.

Crow pose (Bakasana) is the perfect balance of holding on and letting go. This fun but challenging Yoga posture encourages you to face your fears and find the courage to take flight!

As well as the mental benefits of building your confidence, inner strength, focus and concentration, Crow Pose also has many physical benefits.

This Yoga pose helps you build upper body strength, particularly strengthening shoulders and wrists. It involves strong core engagement, building core strength and toning the abdomen muscles.

Additionally, it helps to stretch the hip and groin muscles, strengthens the back and increases flexibility of the spine.

Crow Pose can be considered as an intermediate yoga posture and fun yoga pose!

This is a perfect Crow Pose tutorial for beginners as well as intermediate Yoga practitioners. It’s a great arm balance for beginners

We just love this arm balance. How do you find crow pose?

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