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LEARN Music Meditation In Motion MOTIFS PART 1

George W. Grant

Learn Music Meditation In Motion Motifs www VocalToning net Part 2

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— Purposes of Standard Motifs in Music Meditation In Motion (MMM)

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with George Grant

Movement to Inspire Vocal Toning / Toning To Inspire Movement

As contemplative movement, MMM allows complete freedom of expression as “dance.” But more significantly, the movement style is designed to reflect and support the process and philosophy of intuitive wordless Vocal Toning. Participants constantly shift from just toning, to just moving, or simultaneous toning and movement. Subtle, graceful, and almost imperceptible movements allow vocalization of wordless vowel tones. The benefit of body awareness, efficient posture and precise breathing supports more ease of vocal toning and meditation.

Creative Slow Motion and Still Poses

The key to grasp MMM is to understand contemplative movement. Introspective “body prayer” is often slow and graceful. Each person has the option to take it easy, or make more challenging moves. We move back and forth, with attention on balance, from gentle flowing waves to simple creative still-pose gestures. Imagine slow Tai Chi and Chi Gong combined with modern dance. This may be explored alone, or in small groups, as people respond spontaneously to the movements and gestures of others.

All Skill Levels – Together Without Pressure or Judgment

MMM aims for perfect balance and ease. MMM does not require athletic ability. MMM is inclusive, not exclusive. Unlike most group yoga, dance, or exercise opportunities – each person functions at their own ability, with close connection and response to others. Older folks with hip replacements enjoy creative movement with advanced yoga teachers and modern dancers. Each person follows his or her own level of body awareness and balance, whether very basic, or more challenging.

Calm Meditation Vs. Aerobic Dance

MMM as contemplative movement aims for an attitude of meditation. It is not a high paced physical workout, or social dance environment. It is non-verbal and serene.

Private Meditation Vs. Public Performance

Philosophically, MMM is not a performance for an audience that is not participating. Without an agenda of performing or “getting it right,” in the present or the future, all the rules on why and how we approach “movement” (and music) are radically changed.

From Standard Movement Motifs To Creative Freedom

MMM is not just a free-for-all. By yourself, simple Standard Motifs are repeated, including variations, as calming centering meditation. Repetetion of Standard Motifs lead to more mastery and confidence, which leads to more freedom.

In a small group, MMM is a specific “conversation” based on attention, response and connection with others. A system of standard motives lead to creative intuition. Standard motives, that all skill levels can do, give people common ground and a comfortable place to begin and return to. Simple repetitive movements let us warm up, settle down, tune in, entrain with the group, and develop body awareness. These movements are expressed loosely and creatively, at your own skill and energy level. To balance “Focus and Freedom,” alternate training and skill development with periods of intuitive creative freedom.

Posture and Natural Function for Daily Life

The process of MMM is the lasting benefit of it. MMM could be understood as “re-education” – to discover and establish new habits of posture and basic moving. In MMM, walking in perfect balance becomes an art form. Ultimately, MMM can be so natural, others would not know you were doing it, walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store. MMM is the essence of stalking through nature to quietly approach a bird.

Exercise Redefined

MMM is not intense “exercise,” so it does not result in soreness or exhaustion. Yet, the physical body feels great after sessions. We crave to do the next MMM session. We want to do it again and again, and our physical bodies grow stronger.

Universal Elements of Authentic Movement

The elements and essence of MMM are found in yoga, tai chi, modern dance, Feldenkrais, chi gong, and choreography viewpoints. But the difference is that MMM is a spontaneous, contemplative, and non-performance meditation. There are no memorized forms or sequences. The elements are expressed in a conversational fashion, responding to others or your own body.

Individual Freedom – With Supportive Group Entrainment

We inspire each other. Ultimately, MMM is wide open; anything can happen, as long as all the participants maintain the “contemplative” attitude, directly watch and respond to each other, and stay entrained with the group chemistry and energy.


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