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Is SNS the best dipping powder?

Today, fashion-forward women are looking for fresh color, better looks, original ideas… At the same time, there’s a huge growth of interest in personal health and care.
Yoga, diets, nutrition, mindfulness… Wherever you look, you see women paying more attention to their own wellbeing.
SNS was the first to recognize this trend when we brought healthy dipping powders to the nail industry back in 1990.
Today, we’re leading again with some of the industry’s most exciting innovations.

Our SNS laboratories are working harder than ever on your behalf. In the coming months, watch out for more breakthroughs in nail health and beauty from your favorite nail product company.

DOLO (3-sec marble), SenShine collection, Dazl (color system) & Air Ombre will be available on September 16th, contact your local distributor to pre-order.

Need to find a local distributor who sells DOLO?

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