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Quick Learning! Forearm and Hand Pro Massage Techniques

Here’s a quick video showing some great hand and forearm techniques! Don’t be the therapist that overlooks this area. It gets tense and needs some TLC so try this massage routine out or lengthen it for your clients needs!

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15 thoughts on “Quick Learning! Forearm and Hand Pro Massage Techniques

  1. LOVE your "self-help" tutorials……was looking for lower back, glutes…… I've been giving myself massages while watching your videos…thank you….they have helped A LOT!!!

  2. Spencer, are you on vacation? No new videos in two weeks. I assume you are very busy, on vacation, or taking care of personal issues. Hope all is well.

  3. Our techniques are so similar I just wish you were closer to me so we could do a trade however I do do a little more detail on the hand with the point of my elbow it gets in there very deep

  4. Your videos have helped me a lot. I watch them for extra tips and techniques. Trying to work smarter not harder. But Unfortunately this angle of the camera didnt help. 😔

  5. When you see he’s not wearing a ring so he’s probably not married: 😍

    When you realize he wouldn’t wear a ring while giving a massage so he might be married: 😦

  6. Your advice is so important to me. I would almost sell my sofa for an hour with you, you sexy-voiced handsome firm-butted sexy devil. xoxo

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