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I hate when people ask me what I do 🙄… Chronicles of a nudist entrepreneur!

I had a super busy week a couple of weeks ago, and I figure I’d challenge myself to vlog the whole thing so you guys could get a glimpse of what it is that I do. People ask me this almost weekly, and I always start with a deep sigh because there is no simple answer lol. I’m probably going to just start sharing this link! 😂

But anyway… here’s a week in the life of a fairy:
Sunday: prep for the week with studio sessions, nail appointments, and lash extensions.
Monday: 2 photoshoots + a videoshoot
Tuesday: Meetings all day (not shown)
Wednesday: Fusion Showcase. I host + am on the Fusion staff so the event is an all day affair.

Thursday – Sunday of this week to be shown in the next vlog!



Turn on your post notifications so you can get fairy juice sprinkled into your weeks! 😘🧚🏼‍♀️

And in case anyone didn’t get the memo or just needs it in writing:
I am an entrepreneur, influencer, YouTuber, Yoga Therapist, and performance artist. I run my own website streaming nude yoga classes. I run this YouTube channel sharing vlogs about manifesting your dreams, making a space for the silenced or voiceless, and challenging today’s societal norms. I own a Yoga Therapy practice in which I work 1:1 with clients to increase their quality of life using the Yoga philosophy as a therapeutic tool. I use yoga, sensuality, body paint, and poetry to share a message as a Performance Artist. I discuss mental health, sexuality, freedom, authenticity, and more. I host. I model and do video features. I do business and artist development. I curate events. I’m a brand ambassador. In it all, I inspire freedom, authenticity, and courage. The sole message: be in your purpose, walk in love, and live life with the utmost freedom and respect.

#nudist #nudistchronicles #entrepreneur

📁 Business + Booking 🗓:
🎥Shot + Edited 💻 IG: @GoddessAdina


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26 thoughts on “I hate when people ask me what I do 🙄… Chronicles of a nudist entrepreneur!

  1. I can feel the silence in each stroke… when she gets loud… and tries to hide it… like she’s quiet… where she’s soaked… split up like she’s undecided… we gone do it cause we don’t… beauty tight enough for guidance… almost like it’s getting choked… so I keep stuffing in compliance… I ain’t come to rock the boat… I came to follow up on shyness… flirting like she misspoke… but always leaving me reminded… we’re so grounded we can float… every time just felt so timeless… in here trying to do the most… out here in love like we like it… this ain’t just a little poke… this gets deeper than the silence… fools leave… wit false hopes… I left both sides… United… inner outer… unyoked… she had a sweetness to her kindness… that ain’t like the other folks… who would bleed it… and confine it… like her freeness… being broke… oma slave… to her fineness… it don’t take a lot… to coast… on these waves… sitting quiet… sleep dreaming… bout awoke… senses filled… with a flyness… where the sky… won’t gloat… just like breathing in her Highness… exhaling clouds of smoke… so majestic… we’re like giants… in a small world of votes… the more they want it… they don’t like it… but they seem… to kinda know… the same way we play with fire… but our hell… ain’t our home… it’s just enough warmth… to retire… like we’re here… and gone… never needing an empire to inspire… what we want… we gave it all… in entire…

  2. You're not a nudist, you're a tittilator, trying to make money. I see you're very rarely nude on camera ? Why ? There are TONS of nudist videos on YouTube that
    feature fill nudity, and tons of fully nude yoga videos, So why aren't you ? I mean I already know why, that tittilation makes for better click bait, and makes you more money. If you do real nudist videos, you'd be nude, but that won't keep them coming back, will it ? Won't generate as much click bait, does it ? Doesn't make as much money,,either. You know full well they keep coming back hoping you'll get naked, and waiting for it to happen.
    And you know they'll be tons of poor schlubs out there who for one reason or another will stay here kissing your ass because that's the only even halfway naked chick they're going to see.

  3. I love you, I think that you are sexy and beautiful. I think that if people have nothing to do they should worry about themselves.

  4. Hola buena noche HERMOSÍSIMA ADINA ❤️!!!! Gran excelente video 👏👏👏👏👏👏!!!!! Hermosa preciosa linda bella sexi!!!! 😘😘😘😘 Mmmmuuuuuaaaaá Mmmmuuuuuaaaaá!!! Feliz noche dé viernes!!!!

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