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Detox Yoga Flow – 30 Minute Yoga For Digestion

This heat-building & detox yoga flow is targeted to detoxify the body and aid digestion.

This detox yoga flow will help you find some energy and lightness in your body, feeling better on the inside as well as on the outside.

We work on sun salutations, strong standing postures, lots of twists and some prone backbends.

Twists encourage healthy digestive movement in the intestines (known as peristalsis) by relaxing the muscles there.

Prone backbends (such as locust pose) create gentle pressure on the abdominal organs also stimulating this healthy digestive movement.

As well as sun salutations, combining Yoga twists with strong standing postures such as revolved triangle pose, create and build heat in the body which may bring up a sweat allowing toxins to be released from the body.

This flow is perfect if you have overindulged on food or alcohol, had a big meal the day before, or are just generally feeling slow, heavy and sluggish.

Enjoy this Yoga for digestion class!

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1 thought on “Detox Yoga Flow – 30 Minute Yoga For Digestion

  1. Hi bethai total beautiful and amazing and inspireing yoga video bethai please please do more yoga videos bethai please do a yoga video with inversions inverted bicycle and shoulderstand and plough and feet and thanks bethai for shareing awsome yogi bethai and yogi teacher bethai and yogi friend and you rock bethai

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