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[CC] 여인의 향기, Scent of the Woman, EP07 (Full)

As a single, unmarried woman in her mid-thirties, Lee Yeon-jae (Kim Sun-a) is meek and timid, considered a spinster by society. After spending ten years working for the same travel company, she is falsely accused of stealing from a client. In addition to enduring the accusations of her superiors, she is diagnosed with gallbladder cancer with approximately six months left to live. Mustering up her courage, Yeon-jae resigns and embraces her remaining six months of life.

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8 thoughts on “[CC] 여인의 향기, Scent of the Woman, EP07 (Full)

  1. I shouldn't start to watch this drama till full episodes upload. Now I have to patience every day since I started 😤😤.

  2. Interesting playing hide and seek with their feelings and for that rude girl I pity her she didn't deserve general manager, Mr Wilson is funny in his own way

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