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  1. Try gelmicin de Mexico,, my son has really bad eczema and my mother in law brought it from Mexico and it hella works

  2. Hey your looking so beautiful like always i can't wait to 👀 your bundle of joy may God bless you and your 👪… Give me a shout out Pamela from Arlington tx

  3. you have that piercing scar too omg I thought I was the only one!! I be looking like I have 3 belly buttons😂❤️

  4. Why don’t you try that bassinet type of thing the one that you can put next to you on your bed I can’t remember what it’s called but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it ! 😩

  5. GRRRL take it easy if you having that nesting feeling. TAKE IT EASY! I was having contractions before 33 weeks and then i went to the swapt meet made it to 33 weeks and had the worst c section ever. Be super careful and just focus on the diaper bag!

  6. Omg. I hear you darling! I worked till my 36 week, my last day was literally yesterday. I worked 40 hours a week! 4 days a week! 10 hours a day. On my feet for 7hrs the rest office work. My last month I felt like my uterus was about to fall, and it was hard to bend over. So get all your things ready now! Pack what you dont use! Wish you the best…

  7. Im due May 30 with a baby girl as well, I already have a one year old boy lol I love ALL your content! I’m pretty sure ima be watching your YouTube videos while I’m in labor cause I relate to you in so many levels! 💕

  8. Definitely know the feeling i had insomnia my last month of pregancy. I would get so many contractions and it would feel like my baby would curl up only on my right side. My baby was in a posterior position with the head down but looking up i was so close to getting a c-section. My first pregnancy was so smooth and my first born was only 5 pounds my second baby was a lot bigger. I hope you are able to get better sleep and your sons eczema gets better. 💖

  9. You should look into the halo bassinest swivel. We just picked one up and I can tell I’m going to love it. It sits by your bed and you can move it back and forth to have baby come closer to you. The side also flexes down so you can grab baby super easy. It doesn’t take up much space.

  10. ❤lyzee ❤ hope you feel good. And yo todavia no tengo todo tampoco 😄 and omg i been to the torta place i hope i can see you one time😣

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