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The Toilet Is Going In | ItsJustKelli

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Hi! My name is Kelli and I am a lifestyle vlogger who shares basically everything about her life. I have enjoyed being on YouTube and building the strong supportive community that I have, and I would love for you to join! So if you like ridiculousness, beauty products, kids, my dog, fitness, sometimes laziness, and just plain ol’ normal real people, hit that subscribe button and join my YouTube family, I’d be happy to have you 🙂 Check out below if you’d like to see how to find me in more places too!

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24 thoughts on “The Toilet Is Going In | ItsJustKelli

  1. Three boys and a husband who pee everywhere. I thought about making them sit. We now have vinyl flooring and vinyl wainscoting. It still gets everywhere but at least its not damaging anything and is easier to clean.

  2. Engagement story .. sitting on the bed at our condo taking about other stuff and he goes" I've come to the forgone conclusion that we should probably get married"
    It was famously awful hahaha 😆🙄… We've been married 8 years though 😄

  3. You're just naturally funny 😄… Makes me smile. Isn't it crazy how things like what type of toliet becomes such an important decision 😆… Who knew 🤣

  4. My son is the same. It's because he's younger and his peepee is too small to aim. Especially at night half asleep. Make him sit to pee..

  5. I have two boys and feel your poor aim pains. You could have Wyatt sit on the toilet backwards to pee until he gets better. Having him go downstairs may be tough since it's a bit of a trek from his bedroom.

  6. I've heard using shaving cream on the floor of the bathroom and letting it sit for a bit before cleaning it up gets rid if the pee smell.

  7. Kelli, my son was a really bad aim too. We had warped baseboard from it. We finally made him clean the toilet and floor every day until he could get his aim under control. It only took a week or so. Unless there is something I'm not aware of, I'm pretty sure a lack of aim is a lack of focus while peeing (other than intentional misaiming.) I see lots of people have recommended peeing sitting down. You can try that too. Also, ask John to caulk around the bottom of the toilet if he hasn't already. That will at least keep the urine from seeping under it. When there is a mess, consider cleaning with either Bac Out (a natural product you can get at Sprouts and probably Natural Grocer or Whole Foods) or Nature's Miracle (find it at your local pet store). Both are made with natural enzymes that eat the urine proteins that cause that odor. 🙂

  8. I don't see that as a issue as to making ur kid pee in the downstairs bathroom. If he can't control it he can't use the nice new bathroom till he can. Don't ruin all that hard work u guys put in it.

  9. John is so sweet haha "no kids and a beautiful wife" you guys are cutie pies.

    As a dog parent, I don't like fireworks. They freak out my dog, they freak out all the dogs in the neighborhood. Makes me too sad and nervous for them lol

    You are not yellow, you're definitely olive. That shirt is soooo cute and it looks cute on you.

  10. Lol it’s a boy thing! I have 3 boys and my husband and I went as far as to get a black light big mistake lol but they started cleaning it better. I went on strike cleaning the boys bathroom.

  11. Glad your toilet worked out, the shower flashback 😭 I swear it’s always something! Oh and I love your hair, perfect for summer 💕💕

  12. Same engagement story lol

    The yellow is so warm and sunny! It looks great on you!

    I also vote to just have him sit. I cannot stand the smell so everyone knows it’s a no-stand situation around here.

  13. The bean bag company probably knows that it’s a pain in the ass to return that’s why they do it and that’s not good in a company at all..

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