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Thai Massage Jam | One World Karate | North Austin

Multistreaming with

One link to catalog it all:

Table Thai 1 Hour Short Course Upper Back and Neck Pain

Get it while it’s hot. I’ll upload the video once it’s finished. Enjoy and feel free to share the link. Without going to teachable you cannot get CE credit and your certificate.

The Reboot Insiders Club Special Offer Ending Soon: Build Your Practice By Maximizing Time & Minimizing Effort

Complete Reboot Webinar Package
Save your hands and build a practice that sizzles!
-4 work books (nearly 700 pages of content)
-12 hours of video instruction (follows the workbooks page by page)
-How to release tension in your hands and arms
-How to deal with low back pain in clients,
-How to work on a table
-A supine, prone, seated and table based sequence
-energetic and business concerns to build your practice


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