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Hey guys! Sooooo we all have been tempted by Instagram ads and if you say you haven’t, THEN YOU A LIAR!!! Just kidding, but seriously, I am human and I get tempted and lately sustainable products have been catching my eye. I thought it would be fun to show you guys the products I’ve bought, my first impressions of them, and then a follow up review of them so that you guys can see for yourself if they are worth it or not! Please remember these are just MY OPINIONS. You don’t have to agree and you don’t have to watch, but I hope you enjoy regardless. Love, K
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  1. I haven’t purchased Blueland yet. Seriously thinking about it. Was watching videos with the inventor and she commented if glass cleaner had problems add a bit more water. Obviously I don’t know if that would work but worth a try.

  2. I hope this comment doesnt get lost but I have been using ALCHOL and water 60/40 ration for windows and mirrors! cheap and evaporates no chemical residue, will remove greasy lotion streak and children/dog prints!

  3. Buy a larger box and customize it if they want to be that way. They maybe doing it to make it harder for people to return it.
    I appreciate all your time you put into your videos. Saves me a ton of money. 😘

  4. You can Use apple cider vinegar for everything but works specially great for glass- you can add essential oil to cover the smell but it will dry and not smell on its own. @ItsJustKelli

  5. Try making your own bathroom cleaner. There are a few options. Baking soda and vinegar for toilets works great. I also use a mix of water, water, and orange peels to wash counter surfaces.

  6. I love the Dropps mini's laundry pods in the scent free and dye free, they are the best. I get the biggest size and it lasts over a year and is so cheap!

  7. Do a charge back on your credit card if they won't refund you. This is one of the reasons I always use my credit card to do a payment for big items.

  8. I think i want to try the dropps bc i really like the concept the website to me i feel like the pricing isnt bad. When my current detergent is finished im definitely going to do it. And they have a lot of scent options and sensitive skin too which i think is cool 🤔 thanks for sharing your sustainable journey. If i could find a tablet version that dissolves for dish soap id be ALL about it bc if it actually works and cleans and sanitizes dishes well thats freakin fantastic. Ok the blueland girl you are speaking to my cleaning addiction even though you didnt love the glass and bathroom cleaner i feel like i may still get the starter kit bc i like that the btls are labelled but then im like maybe i should just do the multi purpose one only 🤔. Im glad you shared this. Girl you should go hard with the bean bag ppl bc thats A LOT OF $$$ wtf on principle like thats ridiculous but i get it if you don't which is unfair bc theyre being so extra. Smh i hate companies like that its discouraging.

  9. Hi Kelli! Regarding the new glass cleaner that has been leaving streaks – a cheap, awesome replacement for any glass cleaner is straight rubbing alcohol. I have had my own home/office cleaning business for about 25 years and rubbing alcohol is the only thing I use on mirrors and windows. It NEVER streaks unless whatever you're using to wipe with is leaving streaks. I've found that the more pricey paper towels can streak so the cheaper they are – the better. Honestly, I use a clean cloth when washing glass and mirrors. I buy packs of washcloths from Walmart to use as my cleaning rags and they work perfectly. After discovering rubbing alcohol years ago, I will not use anything else on glass – except ammonia. When I get a job that has really dirty windows or I am washing exterior windows, I mix a solution of ammonia, hot water and either a bit of dish soap or an all purpose cleaner like Mr. Clean or Fabuloso (from Dollar General or Dollar Tree). Adding any soap or multi-purpose cleaner is basically just for the suds/bubbles (I'm weird about cleaners that don't suds up – it makes me feel like the cleaner isn't working if I don't see suds.) Also, adding something like Mr. Clean helps break down the strong smell of the ammonia. Anyways, rubbing alcohol – plain, cheap, generic brand even will work perfectly!! And ammonia works as an all purpose cleaner (if you can get used to the smell.) I use ammonia to wipe down counters, wash floors, window washing, etc. Can't beat the price either – I pay $.99 for a gallon of it. Sorry this comment is lengthy – I love to talk about cleaning!

  10. I've had issues in the past with pods not disolving completely in my front load washer and then sticking/drying to clothes because I wouldn't discover it until after pulling them out of the dryer 😒. Have you had this problem?

  11. I scrub my reusable straws out with the cleaning thing, then I throw it in my dishwasher. I have to angle it in so the bottom is in the corner of the utensil holder, so it doesn’t fall through, but then I feel like they are fully sanitized and dried. My apartment kitchen is teensy. So I have no room for a drying rack.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I was actually thinking about getting that beanbag for my boys room as a extra bed option for friends. Now I know not to. I’ll look into the straws for sure!
    You rock girl!

  13. Try just rubbing alcohol on your glass. I can clean my whole house with running alcohol and vinegar with dawn if needed. All of those fancy products really are unnecessary. If you need more scent, just add essential oils and you’re good to go. I’ve used the Grove Collaborative in the past and their products are great. I especially love their glass spray bottles. I can’t wait to try Dropps. Thanks for the link 🤩🤗🤗

  14. I replaced laundry soap with a reusable ball thing. Leave it in the washer and don't have to think anything. Then use wool balls in the dryer with essential oils. I also have a sticky circle that helps with lint and pet hair.

  15. Dryer balls might be an option for scent booster. They also claim to reduce drying time (I didn't notice this because I just have my dryer on a timer) but they seem to reduce static pretty well 🙂

  16. There are other companies that do low waste cleaning powders and tablets that you can check out, then you can reuse the bottles.

  17. I would suggest to add a little white vinegar to the glass cleaner to stop the streaking. Couldn’t hurt right lol. Also cleaning your glass with newspaper may help too

  18. How easy is it to keep that straw clean? I find that some of the reusable straws never seem to clean as well as I would like.
    And I would be worried that the fold down mechanism would make it harder to clean?
    Really need to find a good option, and I love how easy that one was to take with you, I never know what to do with them in my bag after the family uses them
    Great video thanks kelli

  19. Love the haul! Just for future reference, vinegar, water, and baking soda work super well for cleaning most surfaces. If you decide not to continue using the blueland cleaners, definitely try that!! It's so easy to find vinegar in glass bottles and baking soda always comes in cardboard. It's a perfect zero waste option!

  20. I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…. Hilarious!
    As for the cleaners, maybe shake some baking soda along with your bathroom cleaner to clean your toliet , it might help 😄

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