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I Tried The Ziggy Menstrual Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli

This video is for menstrual education purposes only. I do show real blood. If you’d prefer not to see blood you can skip to the end using the link below. If you find/have found my menstrual videos helpful, I would love it if you’d support this channel! Any donation small or big helps me to bring new content to this channel and to support me and my family 🙂
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42 thoughts on “I Tried The Ziggy Menstrual Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli

  1. This video is for menstrual education purposes only. I do show real blood. If you'd prefer not to see blood you can skip to the end using the link below. If you find/have found my menstrual videos helpful, I would love it if you'd support this channel! Any donation small or big helps me to bring new content to this channel and to support me and my family 🙂
    VENMO – @ItsJustKelli
    PayPal –
    Buy Ziggy –
    Buy Nixit – They gave me an affiliate link AFTER I had already reviewed it
    Skip the bloody details –
    Period Product Playlist –

  2. Would you compare the Nixit to the feel , positioning, removal, etc to the SoftDisc disposable? I absolutely love SoftDisc but I’m trying to reduce waste.

  3. I went to the NixIt website and I got super excited about the different color options for the cups before I realized that it was just a different colored box. 😭 Why??

  4. I've watched so many of your videos and I have finally gotten curious enough to buy my own. I ended buying the flex cup (before seeing your flex review) I feel like because of the way it works I don't have to squeeze the cup out especially with my IUD. I am so so surprised at….. My body 😅 I definitely want to try the nixit (preferably 2) mainly because it's malleable and I feel like no suction would be better on my IUD 😂 we'll see but THANK YOU for the reviews 🙏

  5. I bought the ziggy on day one of my period and it’s been the most annoying thing ever. I can’t get it to stay and not leak. Every time I take it out I have a crazy hard time getting it back in. I used to love my diva cup and I really want this disc style to work. The softdiscs always fell out too.

  6. I bought the Ziggy cup(disk) about a month ago. I hated it the first time I used it, but with trial and error I think I’m getting the hang of it, with my second cycle with it. I have to empty it more on my heavy days. The best way to put it in is to put the long ends front to back, & it doesn’t like to go in if it’s too dry. I’ve used it during sex & it’s fine, we had no leaking. Also, you can buy it at CVS with a coupon, I got it 40% off.

  7. So I got my Ziggy yesterday and tried it out today…..after I watched your video because it doesn't come with directions to explain the cup, as you know. But I am having great results. I am I'm a bit small and shallow as well. So the size kind of scared me. But I did find a video explaining the insertion. (Which still doenst tell you about the cup. ) but I thought the same thing, that the smaller side is the top that would face the opening once you insert it . but what I am finding out is that when I go to pull it I'm having a hard time getting my fingers to grasp the ring. But if you turn it to the other end the bigger side it has a little bit of a lip for your fingers to grasp to. So I think I had it in backwards the first time, I did not experience what you did the cup did hold most of my blood. I didn't have any of it on the outside of the cup I'm assuming that it just spilled out when I went to pulled it out because I couldn't grasp it the right way. I did have some discomfort and towards the third hour of wearing it I felt some cramping but I chalked that up to me having to use the restroom as well. I did just reinsert it the right way bigger side towards the opening and I tried bearing down a little bit just slightly after I got it all the way in to see if that might help make it snug into place and I found out that it worked. also towards the third hour I did have the cramping that you experienced on the left side under my ribs. Its been 30 mins since I switched it around and I feel nothing. I have light cramping but I think it's from inserting a couple of time. I did check to see if there was any leaking after insertion and there was none. Once pushing to secure it under my pelvic bone, I did a kegel and it seemed to suction. Its comfortable so far. We will see how the day ends. Just thought I'd share my thoughts. Also Keeping it pinched was easier to guide, than just trying to push it around into place after it was in. I did not experience it trying to come out. (Which I was almost sure would happen.) So far I'm impressed. Please excuse the misspellings or typos.

  8. I got the ziggy a while ago and I hated it until I tried it while actually on my period the lubrication makes a hug difference! I was able to push it back far enough and it stayed in place, couldn't feel it and no leaks so far.

  9. It worked for me, really. It didn’t want to go in at first, but after some coaxing and just practice, it worked fine. I love the Ziggy and my husband could hardly feel it when we had sex. It was nice to have it mess-free on my period.

  10. Have you tried the Lumma cup/disc? The rim is supposed to be even firmer than the Ziggy, and it seemed like the softer rim of the Nixit worked better for you — BUT Lumma comes in three sizes, so that might be a good or bad thing depending on the person + cup size!

  11. I would guess that your blood was on the outside because it was probably falling under your cervix, but still pressed against you.

  12. Hi I think I'm going to go for the saalt cup for my second cup.
    And I have never used a tampon I went from pads to the cup, and I love that

  13. I am currently trying the Ziggy cup. I don't feel it and it stays inside. I didn't know about the nixit and just because softness I think I would have loved to purchase that one instead of Ziggy. Today is my first day with Ziggy and so far I like it. I got it in Amazon prime and payed 39.95 USD and with prime you know you don't pay shipping and you get in in 2 days.
    I'll update on how it goes.

  14. so i am 17 and a new cup user im just wondering which one you would recommend for a first time cup user, you know the most conformable and easiest to insert. Im trying to be more waste free and a cup seems to be a great option for saving money im just wondering which one to invest in?

  15. Where did you get the wooden thing you have in the background of your intro that has 4 propagation plants in it? It so cute and a great way to display them.

  16. I had those exact same issues with the Ziggy cup. It was not cool. I love the Softdisk things but I want a reusable option. I’m going to buy a Nixit biased on this review. Thank you so much for this video!

  17. I Had the same issue with this cup. Then I realized I had it in backwards. LOL. The ziggy has a "front" and a "back". The "back" part goes behind your cervix and the "front" part goes behind your pelvic bone. Hope this helps ; )

  18. I don't care who you are, this girl! L♡L! To insert a cup ON CAMERA, that's hanging-tough. Best wishes, gal. I hope your channel does well.

  19. I love the ziggy case. It is amazing to celan, it doesn't leave fibers on my disc, it protects the thin part of the cup, no matter what. It fits easy in my hand or pocket, I wish they would have it in a more subtle color.

  20. I’ve been using menstrual cups for about 5-6 yrs and I do have a collection.. I started with the diva cup because that was literally the only one they had back then at my grocery store.
    My cervix has changed since then the diva cup started giving my cramps so I tried a few different ones and for now I use the lily cup compact for my light days and the Tampax cup for my heavy days. If I try using the tampax cup on my light days it will give me cramps. I love the lily cup compact because it’s so soft I can’t feel it but it will over flow on my regular period days so I only use that one when I’m coming off my period or the first day starting my period

  21. Shout out to John for assisting with checking your cup! i know lots of men wouldn’t be comfortable doing that mostly because they just don’t know what they are feeling when they are up there.

  22. i didn’t know reusable products were a thing until i saw your videos and i am so thankful. i had an allergic reaction to tampons and the tampax cup has been a life saver!

  23. Girl. I had ALL the same problems with the Intimina! So disappointing. I've had pretty much the same experiences with the Flex and Soft Cups. The Diva Cup has been my best friend for the past four years, but I've wanted to try different products (especially for period sex) and I'm very interested in trying the Nixit.

  24. Hi Kelli you were the one who convinced me to try cups. I would probably still be using tampons and spending an extreme amount of money on it. I wanted to tell you I just came across this new cup called flex menstrual cup. Today is my first time trying it but so far its really nice. You pull on the stringy thing and it releases the suction. Thought you might enjoy. My daughter and I love these videos that you do!

  25. It makes sense to me that there was blood on the outside of the cup when you inserted it after wearing a normal cup; since cups sit lower, more blood was in that area around the cervix. If I don’t insert mine right at the beginning of my period and use a pad or a cup, it’s messier on the outside of the cup.

  26. Thank you for this video. I bought the Ziggy cup and it has been catching the blood up until a little bit ago, but it feels like it's about to fall out the whole time…I can feel it to the point where it's actually giving me anxiety and extra cramping, but all I saw was good reviews on this. Thank you so much for your truly honest one.

    I do want to say, I got free shipping on Amazon for it…

  27. I applaud you for dealing with the aggravation it seemed like such an ordeal testing this one out. This was a thorough review AND you tried two diff cups in the same period cycle to see if it was your cervix or if it was the cup. Wow 😮

  28. I really wish I had seen this video first.
    I’m having the same problems with the ziggy cup.
    I so wanted this to work with this being my first menstrual cup product!

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